woodchip 23:06 08 Feb 2003

Just a quicky why does free ZoneAlarm stop PCA turning pages until I clear it. IS there a way to stop it doing that

  leo49 23:38 08 Feb 2003

Not sure what you mean by "clear it". Mine just sits in tray unobtrusively doing the business.


  ellas 23:45 08 Feb 2003

theres plenty at the zonealarm forum about this,no probs with zapro,this is the advice there giving, First look in the event viewer in administrative tools and see if XP is showing some kind of conflict, if there isn't try this
1. Go into the Overview Preferences tab and turn off the autostart.
2. Reboot into safe mode.
3. Go into the internet logs folder (do a search if you don't know where it lives it varies per OS).
4. Delete everything in that folder.
5. Empty the recycle bin.
6. Reboot into normal windows.
7. Recheck the Autostart.

You will loose any customizations you have made to ZA

  woodchip 23:46 08 Feb 2003

When it stop's access to my comp the red and yellow icon in sys tray changes as you know I have to double click the icon and click on clear alerts before it will change the page sometimes. then more often than not it works

  ellas 23:47 08 Feb 2003

link if you want to check them out click here I put "stops turning pages until I clear it" in there search box.

  Pumas 23:58 08 Feb 2003

Whem it asks you to "clear it", check the box that says remember this answer next tim (or similar) before clicking "yes"

Hope this helps.


  woodchip 23:59 08 Feb 2003

Thank's but it's a case of remove or stick with on there as it's a bug according to what is said

  woodchip 00:02 09 Feb 2003

never seen it say that it's the basic free ZA

  leo49 00:20 09 Feb 2003

Sorry woodchip, I'm in the middle of a game of Battlechess and my bishop was about to be defrocked.

Have you got the latest version? - I've still got 3.1.219 and have never seen this occur.

  barryoneoff 00:22 09 Feb 2003

every time you get a warning.

  woodchip 16:10 09 Feb 2003

Old version 2.6.231 I will check that one out

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