Gav1977 15:33 05 Dec 2007

Hello all.

I am running the free version of the above on XP home. Periodically i get requests saying a CLI (Command Line Interface) is trying to access the internet.

What actually is this and should i be worried?


  mfletch 15:44 05 Dec 2007

Hi, I am not sure if you should be worried or not?
click here

A command line interface or CLI is a method of interacting with an operating system or software using a command line interpreter. This command line interpreter may be a text terminal, terminal emulator, or remote shell client such as PuTTY.


  eedcam 19:06 05 Dec 2007

Picked this upon Zonealarms forum

the command line utility in Windows XP would be the Command Prompt,which can be summoned by clicking Start>Run typing in CMD,this will bring you to that specific utility.I am not sure why it would want access to the Internet at all,unless you type in a command that makes it need this access,if you however haven't summoned the utility,then it might be some sort of nefarious program thats using that utility to venture onto the Internet.Look at the file path next time you get this alert,make sure its a windows file,also scan with an AV/Spyware/Trojan/Malware scanner,see if you may have been infected with some sort of virus or other nefarious program.

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