Zone Labs Security Suite Uninstall

  Le Vent 20:15 24 May 2007

I have tried uninstalling all traces of ZLSS using Zone Labs advice from Customer Care-All files they listed were successfully deleted. I have installed Comodo Firewall Pro. and AVG free antivirus on my XP Home SP2 but Windows Security Center still lists ZLSS as my resident application, can anyone please suggest how I can change Windows to recognize my new security software.
Le Vent

  postie24 15:21 25 May 2007

Try running Ccleaner,that will clear up any zone labs files left behind
click here

  birdface 16:28 25 May 2007

Dont know if this is any good,click here

  Le Vent 06:47 26 May 2007

Thanks postie24 & buteman for your advice.
Downloaded and ran CCleaner, it removed a few hundred unwanted files. The link to ZL information sheet, this I had followed already.

Microsoft SC now recognizes AVG if I monitor it myself but not Comodo, if I allow Microsoft to momitor my firewall it still only reports ZL is not activated and Microsoft does not recognize Comodo even when I monitor it myself; any other help would be welcome.
Le Vent

  birdface 08:44 26 May 2007

I suppose you could just type Zone Labs into search.And delete any files it finds,Some of the files you would need to explore and just delete the parts with Zone Labs in them,Once you have done that,I would run C Cleaner again,Just to get rid of them permenantly.

  Zaphod 3 09:33 26 May 2007

Zone Alarm has a habit of leaving a folder in the system 32 folder. It could be worth having a look there.

  Le Vent 07:06 27 May 2007

Thanks again to buteman and Zaphod3.
I tried all that you suggest, even gave the registry a indepth investigation and found 1 file in Internet Logs; successfully deleted. No other files show up and CCleaner cleaned everything.
Microsoft SC still states that ZL is not switched on and I have turned off its own Firewall. As it seems that Comodo is working, I will leave it at that and just lament that Microsoft does not recognize an excellent firewall application when it cannot see it.
Thanks All
Le Vent

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