zone alarm - what's going on?

  Camille 17:51 28 Mar 2003

Have been having major problems connecting to net and then connecting but not being able to display pages. Thought it was my dialup network, then my ISP settings, finally started to follow microsoft instructions to modify registry. First step involved uninstalling firewall and then checking for connection. LO and behold, I could not only connect, but could also display pages!! everything was fine.

Don't like the idea of not having a firewall though , so reinstalled from CD and (surprise) the problem came back - connecting but no display

I have used Zone Alarm for ages with no problem - what's going on? I really don't want to go without a firewall... any suggestions?

  powerless 17:56 28 Mar 2003

You have to remove Zonealarm from deep within Windows...

click here

  Camille 18:27 28 Mar 2003

well - i managed to remove zone alarm and all its files, that's not really the problem. The problem is, when it's reinstalled I can't actually get any web pages to display. So now I have no firewall - THAT'S the problem.

  VoG™ 18:31 28 Mar 2003

You could try Sygate click here

  Pidder 18:31 28 Mar 2003

Can't read your posting - obliterated by latest 333 offering!

  Paranoid Android 00:12 29 Mar 2003

Check your internet zone in Zone Alarm - make sure your default connection to your ISP is listed there. Also make sure that Internet Explorer is set to green ticks in the program control box.


  mole44 11:18 29 Mar 2003

i had deep stress with zone alarms ,it stopped me getting web access,rest of puter took 8 hours and deep delving into registery solved my problems.worst part puter was my sons.he was not the happiest bunny in the warren till i`d sorted it.

  Mango Grummit 14:38 29 Mar 2003

This sounds like an incompatibility problem. What was the latest thing installed?

Suggest you do another "clean-sweep" install of your OS (if you have Drive Image take one there, if not carry on) then add AOL and try again. Then come back with results, someone will be here to try and help.

NOTE: helpers on this site are not professionals but merely users who have experienced similar problems .... plus those trying to help anyway.

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