Zone Alarm vs. Windows XP firewall

  Jackcoms 14:37 27 Apr 2004

I am using XP and a 512kbps ADSL connection and always have the XP firewall activated.

Do I also need to use an additional firewall, such as Zone Alarm, or is the XP firewall good enough on its own?

  inneedofhelp 14:43 27 Apr 2004

i would opt for a second one, mainly due to the fact that 'hackers' will assume most people are using it, therefore more likly to find a weakness in it, if not already! If u have a good system, then i would run a second one.wont do any harm

  floydking 14:46 27 Apr 2004

I'm afraid that you definitely need to use Zone Alarm, or something of similar quaility. I have used McAfee, Kerio, Argentium and Zone Alarm and the latter is certainly the best. It's the only one that has never failed me. Argentium is positively 'dangerous' in my experience; McAfee, a huge disappointment and Kerio is almost as good as Zone Alarm, but not quite.
I once set Zone Alarm into a position of such alert that it wouldn't let me out, honestly! LoL.

  floydking 14:48 27 Apr 2004

I have just seen what ineedofhelp has just said, and although I agree with most of it, you really should desist from using two firewalls concurrently.

  mbp 14:51 27 Apr 2004

XP's firewall is very basic, providing initial protection on installation.

A 3rd party firewall would be preferable. Running two could raise conflicts, although Norton's would accept XP on top of theirs, but in my opinion superfluous. Free Firewalls highly thought of are Zone Alarm (easy to configure) and Sygate (more difficult to configure than previous).

  floydking 14:55 27 Apr 2004

I'm sorry Argentium should have read Argentum.

  DJ-Garry 14:56 27 Apr 2004

Don't forget to de-activate the XP firewall before you install ZoneAlarm. These similar progs don't like running side by side.

  spencer boy 15:30 27 Apr 2004

Had ZoneAlarm a bit ago but didn't like it (prob just didn't know how to configure it - pops up all the time, had to turn it off to access the internet). I have recently got pc-cillin 2003 which has a built in firewall and that is a lot easier to use (ideal for me).

Had no conflicts with XP and other firewall running at the same time though.

Didn't know that if I use a third-party firewall - i should deactivate XP firewall though.

  keith-236785 15:47 27 Apr 2004

WinXP firewall only works to stop incoming threats, any calls from your computer to the internet go out unchecked.

get Zone Alarm.

when installing you should be asked if you want to see alerts, if you get the choice, select "protect my computer silently" (i think thats what its wording is)

if not, or you have already got ZA

double click the icon by the clock, click the alerts & Logs, turn off alert notification (top section, Alert Events Shown) set to OFF, then you will never see another warning, ZA will happily run in the background protecting your system.

leave everything else as standard, its good enough to protect a home system.

PS, if you plan on networking, You will need to upgrade to ZA Pro, as the free one doesn't support networking. (at about £17 for two years it is still good value).

  mbp 15:48 27 Apr 2004

Just in case:
Leave your XP firewall On. Download your 3rd party firewall, but do not install yet. Go Off Line i.e. disconnect from the internet. Turn Off your XP Firewall. Install your 3rd Party Firewall. Connect to the Internet again and download the latest update. Configure if you need to. You are now OK!

Same procedure if you are changing your AV.

  Stuartli 16:27 27 Apr 2004

The new service pack for XP is supposed to include a far superior version of its firewall - the current one, as stated, is not as effective as ZA or similar utility.

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