Zone Alarm Update will not install

  griffon 56 13:23 24 Feb 2006

I've been using ZA for years without problems and updating when advised. Since a reload of Win98SE the latest update will not install. When the file is opened two warnings appear in succession.

The first says 'Validation failed for C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\VSINIT.DLL you probably are missing a necessary root certificate", and the second says that it failed for C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\VSDATA.DLL.

After OKing both warnings nothing happens and ZA Update does not install. Any suggestions please?

The browser is Firefox 1.5, the downloaded file is saved to Program Files and installation is attempted with no other programs running.

There's never been a problem before at any time using the same process, so what is happening now, I feel an attack of computer rage comimg on - I think I'll go and lie down somewhere dark.

  remind 13:28 24 Feb 2006

Is your Internet Explorer up to date? Aswell as all the other myriad updates for 98 at Windows Update.

  griffon 56 14:08 24 Feb 2006

No it isn't remind, I didn't think it would be a factor since I was using Firefox to make the download, and, in any case, ZA updates have been OK in the past on the same setup. Ho hum.

  micklemouse 14:27 24 Feb 2006

Hi griffon 56, here's some info to sort you out. click here Best of luck.

  griffon 56 14:42 24 Feb 2006

Thanks Micklemouse I haven't been there yet but the link has the right ending and a ray of light shone out.

  Stuartli 15:22 24 Feb 2006

There hasn't been an free version of ZA update for quite a while - the ZA website still lists 6.1.737.0.

  micklemouse 15:32 24 Feb 2006

griffon 56 had to reload Win98SE though, and then reinstall the latest version of ZoneAlarm all over. This is where the trouble began. Forgive me if I'm wrong, Stuartli.

  Stuartli 23:37 24 Feb 2006

That's fair comment but did griffon 56 also include the "unofficial" Windows 98SE service pack?


click here

  griffon 56 11:47 25 Feb 2006

Hi Stuartli,

I'd been away for some time before the reload and I was aware that 6.1.737 was available, but hadn't downloaded it before absence.

Thanks for the link to Win98SE SP1, I haven't looked at it yet but I presume it acts somewhat like XP SP's. It's amazing what benefits you get from PCA forums. I asked for an answer to a download problem and got a reference to a 'service pack' for 98SE. Thanks guys.

  griffon 56 16:05 26 Feb 2006

First, Hi Micklemouse, The link you supplied led to a ZA login page which required a 'Product Code' or reference which I think only comes with the paid-for pro version, and Hi Stuartli, I downloaded 98SE SP2.1a and it cured the problem, as well as improving the whole system. Thanks a lot. Problem solved.

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