Zone alarm update... 23:42 02 Dec 2004

Dont know if it's already been posted, just had a quick scan and might have missed it. There is a Zone Alarm update.

  pat2068 00:40 03 Dec 2004


  Halmer 20:40 03 Dec 2004

been notified thanks.

  Dan the Confused 20:47 03 Dec 2004

Thanks, been using it since yesterday and no probs - except that it adds another 'Set tvdumpflags=10' to my autoexec.bat file. I deleted it (one entry is enough). Win98.

  bretsky 23:02 03 Dec 2004

Downloaded installed and configured earlier today.

Cheers me dears

bretsky ;0)

  herc182 23:19 03 Dec 2004

zonealarm wont let me update to this. it has come up with a pop up window and i always say "update now" but to no avail. i have also checked for the update manually but also get nothing....anyone else had this?

i have version 55 062 000 and the update is 55 062 004 but each time i have tried nothing happens. its as if i havent told it to update (which i have countless times!)

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