Zone Alarm update 003

  prince midas 13:34 02 Aug 2005

I have updated to ZoneAlarm 003 the latest version.
In the past I had no problems but now.
I have difficulty entering certain sites including PCAdvisor.
Other sites I have used to update Antivirus software such as Spysweeper,Trojan Renove etc will not let me update unless I remove Zone Alarm as reducing the level of safety on ZoneAlarm does not work. I use Internet Explorer 6. Am i safe swiching off Zone Alarm when entering these reputable sites and could the problem be the antivirus now fitted in Zone Alarm and should I turn it off?

  Stuartli 16:36 02 Aug 2005

ZoneAlarm still has problems recognising some AV utilities such as AVG - I keep the AV monitoring switched off, along with the e-mail scanner as Avast (or AVG) does that job.

In some cases, to allow AVG7 to work properly, you have to use ZA's Program Control to add two particular AVG files to access the net.

Can't remember exactly what they are now (something like avginet.exe and a similar one), but I have posted it several times in the HelpRoom; a search of AVG or similar should turn it up.

  rawprawn 16:53 02 Aug 2005

I am running the new ZA with no problems, here is what is being monitored in ZA.
AVG 7.0
Alert manager
Basic interface
Control Centre
Email scanner
Update downloads (For some reason twice)
Update service
I hope this helps, but if not I would be inclined to uninstall it aaaand not save any settings, then reinstall and start with a clean sheet.

  prince midas 12:36 03 Aug 2005

I am tempted to put back version 002 which caused me no problems.
What is the AVG you are talking about.

Spysweeper will not let me in and comes up with a message saying you are running a firewall.

Also my problem with trying to get into pcadvisor is it the zone alarm or is it tracking cookies someone mention on previos forum.

  Stuartli 12:49 03 Aug 2005

AVG is anti-virus protection from click here (free or paid for versions).

Practically every other thread in the forums mentions AVG and Avast (also AV software), SpyWareBlaster, Search and Destroy and Ad-Aware as being first class free AV and anti-spyware aids and ZA as a firewall...:-)

It's good advice.

  prince midas 13:18 03 Aug 2005

Thanks Stuartli,but I am running Norton AV which seems fine si presume I do not need AVG unless I am missing something.I have reinstalled Zone Alarm 003 and am testing it with Spysweeper.

  prince midas 13:32 03 Aug 2005

The new install seems to have worked,and it then starting asking me for permission for Spysweeper which it previously had not asked for.After I gave it pernission Spysweeper updated no problem.
On checking Norton was accepted as its main antivirus program and the new spyware program on ZoneAlarm is quite happy running alongside Spysweeper etc. Thanks all you guys.

  prince midas 13:35 03 Aug 2005

When trying to post this message a message came up saying my timeout had expired so looks like I have a separate problem getting into pcadvisor.

  pk470 14:26 03 Aug 2005

Check program control in Zonealarm to see what is getting blocked, it sounds like third party cookies is getting blocked PC Advisor is prone to this but this should be showing on the internet icon bottom right on the toolbar.

  pk470 14:28 03 Aug 2005

Correction i ment Internet privacy icon.


  prince midas 16:55 03 Aug 2005

I have now turned off in Zone Alarm 3rd part cookies. Will see what happens now. Thanks PK470.

Another message keeps coming up. What does it mean and what do i do please.
The firewall has blocked internet access to your computor Net Bios Session from port 1928[tcp flags:s]

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