Zone Alarm tells me I have no AV running

  Halmer 06:42 07 Jul 2004

I have the free versions of ZA and AVG.

When I look at the the Anti Virus tab on ZA (4th one down on the left) it tells me that Action is Required! as it cannot detect any AV that is running.

Can anyone advise please?

I have XP.

  bda72 07:56 07 Jul 2004

I had the same combination and the same message, read a post on here a day or so ago with same question and they were told ZA doesn't recognise AVG for some reason but nothing to worry about.

  [email protected] 08:52 07 Jul 2004

right click on ZA in your task bar goto privacy & check if your ISP has all the ticks correct Add your ISP to your programs in ZA trusted sites

  Halmer 18:11 07 Jul 2004

You don't get this option with the free version.

  ayrmail 19:15 07 Jul 2004

This Information Applies to:
All ZoneAlarm Products

How do I get my Antivirus application to work with ZoneAlarm running?

Zone Labs recommends the use of ZoneAlarm along with an up-to-date virus scanner.

If you let the antivirus program get updates automatically, then it will require Access rights (if you Add the site that it connects to into your Trusted Zone, then it should only require access for Trusted Zone, not Internet). Note that some connect to more than one site, so be sure to check with your antivirus support site to find out all the IP addresses or sites it needs to connect to.

Because some of the auto-update programs use FTP, if it does not work and you receive incoming blocked alerts from that site, you will need to give it Server rights as well. Again, if the site(s) are all in your Trusted Zone, it will only require Server rights to the Trusted Zone, and do NOT Block Trusted/Local Servers. If the Lock feature interferes with the auto-updates, you should NOT use that Feature.

Since there can be conflicts with multiple programs trying to check the same file, we suggest that you run only MailSafe, OR your antivirus' email scanner, not both together.

If you are using a web based Antivirus scanner and ZoneAlarm Pro please read the following:

ZoneAlarm Pro 3 and above introduced new privacy features. In some cases these may interfere with certain web sites, especially secure sites (email, antivirus, banking, etc.) or sites that use a lot of ads.

If you have multiple privacy programs running (Ad-blocking, cookie control, etc.) along with ZoneAlarm Pro 3 and above, you should disable either the privacy features in ZoneAlarm Pro, or the other program. Be aware that Internet Explorer 6.x and other recent browser software may perform some security processes as well, such as cookie control - again only one program should be performing a function at one time.

If you have trouble with a website, try adjusting the privacy settings for that site. Turn on any Privacy setting, and the Privacy Advisor - On the Privacy panel, there are default settings under the Main tab, and sites affected by the privacy settings in the current session are listed under the Site List tab. You can turn Privacy features on or off by site there.

  ayrmail 19:19 07 Jul 2004

Currently the Antivirus Monitoring feature will recognize the following Antivirus products:
Norton Internet Security Pro 2004, Norton AV Pro 2004, Norton Internet Security 2003, Norton AV 2003, Norton AV Pro 2003, Norton AV 2002,
MCAFEE: VirusScan ASaP, Internet Security 2004, VirusScan 2004, VirusScan Pro 2004, Internet Security 2003, VirusScan 7, VirusScan Pro 7, VirusScan Pro 6
TREND MICRO: Internet Security 2004, Pc-cillin 2003, Pc-cillin 2002,
COMPUTER ASSOCIATES: eTrust Antivirus 7, eTrust EZ Antivirus 6.0, eTrust EZ Antivirus 6.1, eTrust EZ Antivirus 6.2,

Zone Labs is researching the possibility of recognizing other Antivirus programs from different vendors.
If your antivirus program is not recognized by the AV monitoring feature this in no way changes the protection of the firewall or of your antivirus program.
The Antivirus Monitoring feature is designed to keep your computer safe by detecting installed antivirus software products and alerting you to lapses in protection. You can think of it as a second line of defense in the event your AV auto update feature has been disabled, we will notify you that there is an update for your AV program available.

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