Zone Alarm - simple question

  Doonie 16:15 17 Apr 2003

When I get the box up that says "Zone Alarm. Do you want to allow ....... to access the Internet. Yes or No." Which should I click on? Not really understanding what it is,(my son set it up, I don't know what I'm saying yes or no to. Thanks

  jonski 16:18 17 Apr 2003

If your not 100% sure what your allowing to access the`ll soon get the hang of what needs to and what doesn`t need net access when a programme doesn`t work as it should..

  MartinT-B 16:34 17 Apr 2003

Once you click no it can be a nightmare to put right if you don't know where everything is in Zonealarm.

Basically it's asking you what programs and applications you want to allow access to the WWW.

There are a few definite yeses (SP/grammar??)

Your Browser. Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera whichever you use.
Your Email Client. Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Incredimail. Again whichever you use.

Your Print Monitor to allow the printing of web-pages.

Windows Media Player, Apple Quicktime and/or Winamp to allow streaming.

Take the ZoneAlarm Tour.

Click Start--->Programs--->Zone Labs--->Zonealarm Tutorial.

In short, as long as you are sure your PC is secure atm (no trojans), you can allow anything to access for the next day or so quite safely.

If anything new wants to access the internet after a few days, that's when you need to ask yourself what it is and why it's suddenly asked for access.

  Paranoid Android 16:40 17 Apr 2003

Some programs try to connect to the internet when you launch them, to check for updates. This kind of activity is not essential to your life.

In general if you are using a program that requires intermittent internet access, for example realplayer, norton antivirus, outlook, and similar, say yes.

The box will tell you which program has made the request and you can judge whether of not it is the result of legitimate activity. For example you might launch media player, then immediately get a message saying media player wants access to the internet ... you get the idea.

Once you have determined that a program request is legitimate, you can tell ZoneAlarm to remember the answer and not ask you again.

If you combine this with a good, up to date virus scanner, you shouldn't have any problems.


  meatlaff2 15:55 18 Apr 2003

I'm with you Doonie, Zone alarm is a pain in ar** how are we supposed to know what all those numbers are?

  mole44 16:28 18 Apr 2003

zone alarm is a pain ,to uninstall it reqiures a list from zone alarm web site and the patience of a saint.its free i know but if it locks you of the web beware,you`ll be weed of trying to remove all the stuff it puts on your puter.

  March Hare 18:26 18 Apr 2003

I got fed up with the number of times Zone Alarm said there was a problem with my computer, and refused to let me access the internet before rebooting. I uninstalled it via Add/Remove Programs, and had no problems with that.

I've now installed Kerio Personal Firewall instead.
click here
No problems with that yet, and it passed the Shields Up tests with flying colours.

  meatlaff2 19:48 18 Apr 2003

Good! Glad it's not only me who doesn't think Zone alarm is the best thing since the wheel. I'm on Freeserve Anytime. Zone Alarm completely slowed and stopped my connection until i got shut of it (+ you have to get rid of all its associated files, it's worse than a worm)

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