Zone alarm questions

  john 19:16 13 Mar 2004

Could anyone please tell me what InstallStub is?
I keep getting a Zone alarm alert asking if I should allow it access to the internet, and seeing as I don’t know what it is I’m not sure whether I should.
I also sometimes gat an ID lock alert from Zone alarm asking me if I want a clear text password to be sent to, more info says waol is trying to send “ebay password” to
I got that when trying to log on to this site, and I had to close Zone alarm to be able to log on!
Any advice is appreciated.

  Billy911 19:30 13 Mar 2004

I put "InstallStub" in a Google search and it came up with 435 results. It looks as though InstallStub is an Autodialler but for what I don't know. The best thing to do is NOT let it have access to the Internet then keep a close eye on your programs to see if they are functioning correctly. Try the Google search (or any search engine - Google is the biggest)and go through the results until you find out what it is. Hope this helps.

  keith-236785 20:26 13 Mar 2004

this is typical of virus/trojan activity

click here and download ATS (anti trojan shield), its a free 30day trial. install and run, the trial version will NOT delete any trojans it finds but it will tell you where they are so you can remove them.

i suspect you have a virus checker and have scanned your system.

there are some very evil people out ther just waiting for careless internet surfers to provide them with passwords/credit card details. be carefull.

good luck

  john 07:27 14 Mar 2004

Thanks for your replies, I have located the program causing the installstub problem and deleted it but I'm still left with the ID lock alert, I have to disable Zone alarm to even log onto this web site. Any Ideas. I have Kaspersky anti virus which finds nothing.

  Stuartli 08:37 14 Mar 2004

Try AdAware6 (updated) and Search and Destroy 1.2.

  golfpro 08:53 14 Mar 2004

I get this ID lock up from Z/A when I try to access ebay direct from the "My Ebay" box, no matter which selection you make from the Z/A box "Yes or No it will sometimes lock up the whole system. I run Norton and AdAware and they have found nothing. I don't know weather this is a Z/A fault or not.

  [email protected] 09:10 14 Mar 2004

try update ZA or open ZA & go through all alerts & settings change settings from high to low restart then goto Za again & reset to what you had before
failing that use system restore could be your 1st choice or go back to last best known system that works

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