Zone Alarm Problems

  Yorkie 1 17:23 17 May 2003

Hi there you wonderful problem solvers. I have tried 4 times to install the fre version of Zone Alarm on a new computer. I had it on the old one with no problems, but this time it keeps coming up with ???(whatever the progran is, ICQ, Internet Explorer.)

"??? has caused a problem in NVIEW.DLL ??? will now close", and it does.

Any suggestions pleas

  hugh-265156 18:11 17 May 2003

This is a DLL to enable multiple display monitors on a single computer. It can be a cause of numerous problems on some computers-this is taken from click here removing this software and it should help.

  hugh-265156 18:13 17 May 2003
  Yorkie 1 09:53 18 May 2003

Thanks huggyg71 for taking an interest. I have found the folder NVIDIA on my compter and going through the folders win9x and 43.45, I come to a whole bunch of files amongst which is one called nView.dll Aplication Extension 717Kb
Are you suggesting that I delete this one, if so what precautions should I take, and other than curing my problem, what effect would it have?

  Cuddles 21:01 20 May 2003

Yes you can safely remove this unless you intend to run multiple monitors you will not get any problems.

  hugh-265156 21:17 20 May 2003

a handy little tool click here

  Yorkie 1 09:13 21 May 2003

Thanks huggyg71 for your reply, but since the original posting I have experienced several "caused a problem and will now close" notices citing different files and in different programs, the latest this morning in "Scanwise" the scanner program. When I switch off "Zone Alarm" the problem dissapears.
As I said, I used it with no trouble on my previous computer but it looks like I will have to find an alternative fire wall for this one
Thanks again

  hugh-265156 15:04 21 May 2003

truevector internet monitor can sometimes play up(part of zonealarm)and interfere with other programs running.

try and get an up to date driver for the agfa scanner click here and see if that helps first.

if still the same try uninstalling zonealarm and then reinstalling it again click here

i used zonealarm for ages and think its one of the best but it does cause problems now and again for now using this click here and have had no problems with it.its not as user friendly as zonealarm in the set up but might be worth a try as is free also.

I had loads of problems when I started using ZoneAlarm, so, like you, I switched to the Agnitum Outpost firewall. Since then I've had no problems.

  hugh-265156 15:07 21 May 2003

if your using xp make sure its all up to date with service pk1 and the rest of the updates click here

  Yorkie 1 17:05 21 May 2003

Thanks to all of you, I'll be trying out the suggestions and will let you know how it goes. Thanks again

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