zone alarm problems

  bendigo 10:59 16 Dec 2007

I am getting problems with my ZA security suite. In particular a persistent alert window which stays on top whether I allow or deny access. The only way I can get rid is to switch off ZA. It appears to be connected to scanning but will stay on screen for the entire session. I am tempted to uninstall ZA which would leave me with the windows security centre, plus AVG anti virus, Adaware, and spybot.Would I be protected enough or do I require more. I hope there's enough content for advice. I must say I have had a year trouble free with ZA and it may be that a recent upgrade has discombobulated things

  howard64 12:02 16 Dec 2007

I suggest you download and save a new copy of za and then uninstall the existing one via control panel add/remove progs then reboot and install the new version. This might sort you out - I find this prog normally very good.

  bendigo 15:09 16 Dec 2007

thanks howard6, if I do that, bearing in mind that my ZA security suite is a bought one, would I then be advised to disable or even uninstall AVG antivirus?

  aine 15:44 16 Dec 2007

Are you saying that you have two anti virus programmes running, ZA and AVG, this could be conflicting causing you problems

  TopCat® 15:53 16 Dec 2007

I have the ZA SS and AVG Pro too. I disable ZA's Antivirus and rely on AVG, as running both together could cause conflicts. I only activate its AV to get the updates and then disable it afterwards.

Keeping a record of your ZA registration codes, I would suggest, as Howard64 states, uninstalling and reinstalling ZA again. TC.

  bendigo 16:48 16 Dec 2007

ZA had gone haywire before I downloaded the free AVG av programme, however I think I may try the 'reinstall' routine. topcat.any reason you have AVG instead of using ZA's ?

  bendigo 09:02 17 Dec 2007

uninstalled ZA sec. suite. yesterday, this mornings boot up took less than2 minutes instead of the recent 4(ish). At the moment I have all funtions 'ON' in my windows security centre . AVG antivirus being shown active. Sypbot scan shows no problems despite my going on line for a short while. I am wondering whether to re-install ZA or not. Any advice? The very slow boot up was happening before I installed AVG.

  TopCat® 12:32 17 Dec 2007

I must say that I'm not overly happy with the security suite version of ZA. Originally I bought the ZA Pro version and some time ago took up Zonelabs free offer to 'upgrade' to ZA SS. I now think the software is trying to do too much and is, at times, slowing things down. As I have the Pro version of AVG I'm seriously thinking of cutting my losses and installing the free version of ZA. Incidentally, for some reason ZA does not recognise my AVG software at all and never has!

I believe the AVG anti-virus is a better program, have used it for a long time now without problems, and that's why I continue to use it. TC.

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