Zone Alarm Pro Problems

  hotwired 01:06 22 Jan 2003
  hotwired 01:06 22 Jan 2003

I have just installed zone alarm pro, on my pc running xp pro but there is problem when ever the pc boot the zone alarm doesn’t run. I went to msconfig to see if it is selected, and it is.

Then if start it up manually it works then after few second my whole desktop vanished!!! And I have waited 15 min and still it won’t comeback. I can only see my screen saver..

Can anyone tell me what happening?

  SafeHaven 01:11 22 Jan 2003

Strange? have u paid for it or u get a code off the net/ also have u disabled xp firewall? there maybe a conflict

  hotwired 01:15 22 Jan 2003

well to be honest i did get the code of the net , i have just disabled xp firewall and will reebot and advice .hang on

  hotwired 01:20 22 Jan 2003

it the same problem now i cant even go to start the whole of the botton menu bar is frozen, and the cursor is processing something

  SafeHaven 01:24 22 Jan 2003

Well personaly i would uninstall and see if you get back to working normal,if not do a systen restore that should start it,,do you really need Pro? Why not just try the normal zone alarm? also so a virus check u dunno what was in that code aswell

  hotwired 01:27 22 Jan 2003

will give your suggestions a shot

  hotwired 02:02 22 Jan 2003

well got rid of zone alarm pro and it seems to respond much fater and the normal zone alarm running just fine .
cheers for the advise safehaven

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