Zone alarm pro No Internet

  Joe R 17:16 24 Nov 2008

Hi all,

I installed Zone alarm pro last week, and up till now have had no problems with it. Today though I came in from work, and was informed by my good lady, that our internet is down.

After a few checks, I found that Firefox, and IE, are only working, when I switch Zone alarm off.

My internet and trusted zone settings are set to medium, and I cannot find any other faults with the program.

Can anyone offer any pointers? or do I just download a different firewall, and uninstall Zone alarm pro?

Regards Joe.

  skidzy 17:23 24 Nov 2008

Sounds like a deny prompt has been carried out,try a system restore first.

You may have inadvertently ticked Deny due to an IE or software update or similar.

Have you rebooted the computer,this may solve the issue.

  Rahere 17:24 24 Nov 2008

When a program is updated it appears to have changed to AV or firewall programs - have you checked if email any any other internet programs are affected too?

ZoneAlarm should have an option to allow trusted programs - are both these programs in there or can you remove them and start them again, this time allow ZA to grant them internet access when they try to connect.

  Joe R 17:42 24 Nov 2008

Skidzy and Rahere,

have tried both your suggestions without success.

I am still getting updates, for any programs I wish, and Thunderbird is accessing without any problems, for my Emails. The only problem is when I access using my browser (Firefox is my normal, But IE is doing the same) I get the "done" up OK, but the page is just a white sheet.

  Joe R 17:47 24 Nov 2008

Have just been reading another thread concerning an update to Avast free edition.

I installed the update last night, but never rebooted my computer. Is it possible, this may be the problem?

  Joe R 17:53 24 Nov 2008

Just found the problem.

The webshield in the update to Avast, was blocking any images in my browser. I have disabled this part of the A/V, until a fix can be found.

Thank you for the replies.

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