Zone Alarm Older Version Download

  J B 00:09 10 Nov 2005

I have noticed lately forum members are having trouble when upgrading to Zone Alarm Free Version 6. There is a website click here that has all the older versions of ZA free firewall to include the last really stable version 5.5.094. This is the version that I am running and have had no problems what so ever. Just thought forum members would be interested. J.B.

  johnnyrocker 01:07 10 Nov 2005

i ditched za a long time ago for persistent probs, got meself sygate and been happy since, za is a joke.


  Stuartli 09:18 10 Nov 2005

Works perfectly for me and many thousands of others...:-)

  interzone55 13:25 10 Nov 2005

Why is ZA a joke?

I've used it now since version 3 and only ever had 2 problems, both in early v5 releases that were very unstable. so two problems in about 6 years is not bad.

  ACOLYTE 13:29 10 Nov 2005

ZA can be a pain when you try to set up ICS especially the free version as it doesn't fully support ICS,but if you have a single pc with no network it's a good piece of kit,if you have a network set up i would go with sygate.

  Ponkin 16:02 10 Nov 2005

Having posted on this forum last week complaining that I could not close down my PC (win ME) normally, I found that it was ZA causing the problem. So I too have installed sygate which seems to be OK

  J B 19:20 10 Nov 2005

The reason I put this thread in the forum was for information about where people could get an older version of software that they might have gotten rid of in favour of a newer version, and, when they got the new software,wished they never upgraded in the first place. I just put Zone Alarm in as an example because many users who had previous version's that were stable would have a website bookmarked as I do to go back to and get the software that they liked.As the old saying goes "theres more than one way to skin a cat". J.B.

  interzone55 10:09 11 Nov 2005

I've had a network running with Zone Alarm free for 5 years now and have had no problems (although I've never used ICS), I suppose it depends on what other software is running at the same time.

I've always found that if you set an exclusion for the whole IP range covered by a router (in my case to then the network is fine.

If other people prefer Sygate then they should carry on using it, or the free version of Outpost, which also works well.

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