Zone Alarm installed - system keeps crashing.

  SessionSinger 13:32 16 Aug 2007


I do hope you can help me. I'm here on behalf of my elderly father, whose computer is his life line - please help if you can :)

He has windows xp.

He discovered 3 viruses - a small downloader, trojan horse and dialer. He tried Girisoft avg/spy remover(free), which he has used before & this would discover but not remove.He also tried Sophos spycatcher (free)with same result.

In desperation he downloaded zonealarm security centre 15day free trial , which he has used before then closed avg and sophos but forgot to close spy remover before the zone alarm download began.

After installation it crashed & restarted. He went into start-control panel-add/remove progs but before he could get progs on screen it restarted again and that is all he can do.

Whenever it restarts it comes up with 'checking file system on C. Type fat 32 repairs made to certain files'

Computer won't switch off unless at plug.

Can you help?



  brundle 13:42 16 Aug 2007

Any luck if you try Safe Mode (hit F8 repeatedly before you see the Windows XP logo)?

  SessionSinger 13:53 16 Aug 2007

Thanks Brundle.

Just tried safe mode etc. He hit return on safe mode option and it restarted as before and continues to crash.

  brundle 13:56 16 Aug 2007

Do you have the XP CD handy?

  brundle 13:57 16 Aug 2007

Inplace repair; click here

The installer will scan the HD for problems before installing - with luck it will fix any issues and allow you to do the repair.

  SessionSinger 14:15 16 Aug 2007

Thanks guys. I'll pass this on. Dad has said he is now in safe mode & wants me to ask what he does next? Chhers!

  SessionSinger 14:18 16 Aug 2007

Dad says to say thank you very much for your help so far. He says he is now working in safe mode, but has asked me to keep the post open in case he needs further help.

Thanks again!

  wee eddie 14:32 16 Aug 2007

You've said that he tried this and that etc.

Could you tell us what his normal Security Set-up is?

This may shine a light on the situation as using Safe Mode for Normal day-to-day use is not really advisable.

  brundle 14:57 16 Aug 2007

Run a full scan with your antivirus software, if it still can't remove the problematic files and you can access safe mode with networking for the internet or put a file (downloaded on another PC) on a USB drive, download NOD32, disconnect PC from internet, remove all AV and firewall software, install NOD32, full scan, connect to internet, update, another full scan. click here

You can remove NOD and replace it with your original AV products afterwards.

  brundle 15:00 16 Aug 2007

Also, if you haven't had to run the inplace repair, check your HD; click here

  SessionSinger 18:22 16 Aug 2007


I wanted to paste the mail I have just recieved from my dad. I will leave it for you to read before I check the post resolved. Thanks again!

Thanks so much for your help today Sal;, and thank my GURUS for their invaluable assistance.
Keeping my fingers crossed it seems back to normal now. While in Safe Mode I removed two spycatchers I had been using, and forgot to take off when I was prompted by Zone Alarm when I was downloading it. Even the check on my hard drive has gone now when I boot up.
I ran my first ZA scan and it turned up 13 email worms (whatever they are ) the downloader, Trojan Horde and the dialler, so I was very pleased. Hopefully my PC should now be squeaky clean. Really most grateful and sorry to take up your time when you were busy.... I really had no idea I could get out of this one and worth remembering for the future.

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