Zone Alarm install problems :( Please help!!

  DjSprinks 07:32 04 Oct 2009

Hi people,yestaday i decided to finaly sort out the very out of date AV on my pc(an out of date verson of Norton 2006) after finding a keycracked verson of Norton 2008 on mininova i downloaded Norton 2008 and tryed to install and it told me i had to remove zone alarm firewall. So after debating this i did with the plan to try and reinstall it after as i never had probs with ZA and N2006.Anyway after 10+ attempts at trying to install Norton i gave up (the installation would fail just under half way through for what ever reason)and decided to install a 90 day trial of Live onecare (another favoured AV) which detected 3 trojans! Lol But not the Norton file!! How ever now when trying to reinstall ZA after starting insterlation it gets to 8% and then freezes. I have tryed to download it from every source i can find and searched the net for a simular prob but to no avail.i have to use task mnger to end the insterlation.the progress box says "copying zone alarm pre-requisites C:\...matt\Local settings\temp\10040971753\vc90rt.msi" and has stoped at 8%. I then have to use tsk mnger to end it but it does not respond straight away.Then a end noresponsive prog box comes up (Zone alarm [Regular]-1025-English) with the error sign "szAppName :GLB3F.tmp szApp ver: szModName : hungapp szMod Ver: offset : 00000000" and the file "C:\DOCUME~1\matt\LOCALS~1\Temp\WERc822.dir00\GLB 3F.tmp.mdmp" included in the error report. Any ideas people?? i have been up all night trying to sort it!!!! :(

  sharpamat 08:16 04 Oct 2009

I dont think you will get a lot of help with illegal downloads

  DjSprinks 08:46 04 Oct 2009

Thanks for your comment but the program at fault here is not an illegal download it is Zone Alarm Firewall downloaded from checkpoints website/cnet ect..

  morddwyd 09:08 04 Oct 2009

You are suggesting that ZA will not install because of your cracked copy of Norton.

I also don't think you'll get much help here.

  DjSprinks 09:22 04 Oct 2009

No i didnt install the cracked copy of Norton in the end it would not install,failed half way through the process about 10 times so i ditched it and installed Live Onecare.
Thanks anyway.

  DjSprinks 16:46 04 Oct 2009

Any help anyone? :)

  p;3 17:01 04 Oct 2009

I am going to ask; is your version of Windows legit ; will it go to the Microsoft Windows update site and update successfully ?

From which site did you obtain ZoneAlarm?

  rdave13 17:07 04 Oct 2009

You seem to have played around too much with these security programs and no doubt knackered something in the registry. Suggest to try a system restore to before you tried these various installs.
If successful then remove the out of date security suit by exiting the firewall, av, etc then uninstall it. Re-establish Windows firewall and install a free Antivirus such as AVG or Avast Home.
For anti trojan/spyware then Malwarebytes' and Superantispyware are excellent. Spybot S&D and Spywareblaster are excellent blockers.
'Cracked' programs sometimes bring added bonuses that can severely unenhance your computing experiences......

  DjSprinks 17:09 04 Oct 2009

Hi p;3
Yes my Windows is legit,installed from my own disk and updates fine to. I have tryed ZA from many different sites the last one was Cnet,and they all stop between 6/8% in insterlation.
Thank you

  p;3 17:17 04 Oct 2009

and...if this is what you have antivirus -wise
click here

'a managed two-way firewall'

if you are also trying to add ZoneAlarm click here

you may well have doubled your Firewall plus your antivirus protection....

suggest read this guide on System Restore assuming you are running XP
click here

and go back to a good date and start again....
BUT are you running a legit Windows version to start with?

  DjSprinks 17:25 04 Oct 2009

Hi rdave13
Yes i was fearfull of that,and am going to try a system restore if i cannot get the ZA to install.from what i have read,Norton and ZA can be a problem to remove properly and wonder if repeated attempts have corupted the registry in some way. I would like to use Onecare with ZA if and when i get this corrected as i find it to be more effective than AVG ect.. but i think i will give up on the cracked copy of Norton! Cracked programs can be a Godsend if done properly,but a nightmare if not! Lol
Thanks for your help so far people.

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