Zone Alarm. I don't like this form of selling

  Andsome 10:33 04 Nov 2007

I used to be a fan of this software, but when it started to give problems I replaced it with Comodo. Now, on a couple of occasions they have sent me an e mail with a free security scan. I have run the scan out of curiosity. The results are enough to make me wonder how my computer runs at all. Needless to say, the results page also offers me their security suite to purchase to overcome all of these imaginary problems. On line scans with Panda and Trend, coupled with my Nod 32 AV, SUPERAntiSpyware, and A Squared show a completely clean machine. I HATE this kind of selling, and it has put me off the company for good. If anyone else wants to run this software out of curiosity let me know, and I can forward the e mail.

  cocteau48 10:46 04 Nov 2007

Yes I have had the same emails and with the same results.
At the end of the day I just accept their free firewall as doing a good job and ignore their sales pitch.

  jimmer409® 10:48 04 Nov 2007

agree, had email this morning, ran scan for laughs, yes, my computer should not even boot up according to the scan. Thought Zone Alarm was above this type of sucker ads. To be honest i run there firewall but here lately it's been acting up and iritating me. What is Comodo like, may try it?

  birdface 11:04 04 Nov 2007

One of the latest surveys makes Comodo the best Firewall out.I must admit I use kerio but if I ever thought of changing it would be to Comodo.

  beynac 11:10 04 Nov 2007

This is the main reason why I no longer recommend ZoneAlarm. I know several people who ran the scan on clean computers. We got very similar results - all bad!

  birdface 11:14 04 Nov 2007

Yes and received my e-mail from Zone Alarm this morning and did not even bother to open it,Just binned it,Looking on some of the threads on PCA recently there seams to be a few problems with Zone alarm at the moment.I deleted it last year,Its a little bit like Norton you either like it or hate it.I have a simple type of mind so I always go for things that are easy to use[not always the best]thats why I now use Kerio ,It does all the work for you,No pop ups asking you to accept or deny programs,Probably not the best Firewall, but definately the easiest to use.

  Red Devil 13:15 04 Nov 2007

Just for a laugh I ran this ZoneAlarm System Checkup myself and you'd think that my PC was on it's last legs and not virtually brand new with a fresh install of Windows that's only been on my PC a matter of 3-4 days.

Oh, and all the "errors" that it finds are left deliberately vague in the "detailed" explanataion of my PC's performance with the only "recommendations" being to buy one of 3 programs that are "conveniently" on special offer to make it look like you're getting a "deal".

Given the issues I've had recently with Zone Alarm - that has resulted in my switching to Comodo as of today - I am very unimpressed with Zone Labs and their tactics.

Zone Labs should be ashamed of themselves IMHO.

  March Hare 13:24 04 Nov 2007

I too recently uninstalled Zone Alarm due to various irritations and have since received these annoying emails. I now run Comodo and am very happy with it.

  spuds 13:50 04 Nov 2007

I do not get these emails, due to possibly not updating to the latest version of ZoneAlarm. Keep getting the on-screen reminder to update, but I ignore it.Better the devil you know, than the devil you don't perhaps!.

But as Gandalf as stated on many occasions, do you really need a firewall, apparently he and some other forum members do not think so or bother!.

Comodo doe's seem to have better reviews that the other firewall products.

  Stuartli 14:36 04 Nov 2007

I don't get the e-mails as I've never signed up for the latest updates news etc - just leave the fields blank.

I also elect to check for updates manually rather than automatically (Overview>Preferences tab).

  Andsome 08:01 05 Nov 2007

They deleted my thread, I replaced it and it has been deleted again. They know that they have been rumbled and obviously don't like it. I will go out of my way in future to dissuade people from installing this program.

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