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  Minkey1 10:23 23 Jun 2005

Morning folks

After many problems with NIS 2005, I finally accepted defeat, uninstalled it, and installed Avast and ZA. I have a BT router with hardware firewall so ZA was a belt and braces approach to control outgoing apps.

Everything has been working fine but suddenly I've noticed in Task Manager the process vsmon.exe (apparently part of ZA) using increasing resources - I've seen it up to 0.5 gig ?

I've a 3.4 P4 with 1 gig of RAM and the resulting system instability results in effects such as loss of sound.

Anyone with similar recent problems with free Zone Alarm ? Given the hardware firewall, would I still be reasonably OK with XP's firewall ?



  pj123 10:33 23 Jun 2005

I am running ZA and don't have that problem. Don't know if this is any help but you can check out vsmon here: click here

or click here

  Minkey1 11:00 23 Jun 2005

Cheers pj.

I've looked at the links and bookmarked them. There's clearly some current issue with ZA with some users - ZA's own forums have lots of postings on the topic which seems to be linked to recent XP updates. Suggestions of closing ZA down do seem to be defeating the object ?

Of all the PC problems I've ever had - 99% have been to do with firewalls !

Will MS "OneCare" solve all my problems (at a cost, of course !)


  Minkey1 16:21 23 Jun 2005

Hi all

Looking at other forums - including Zone Alarm's own - it seems not all users are affected, but if you are, the only suggestion is to disable some settings. As that seems to defeat the object I'll uninstal it and give Sygate or Kerio a go.


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