Kaacee 16:10 21 Feb 2004

I have just downloaded the free edition of Zone Alarm,whilst obviously i am in the early stages of understanding the workings,2issues have arisen which i would value any advice on. Firstly, i seem to be getting a lot of "pop ups" which i didn't get before installation and secondly my system appears to be running quite a bit slower than before.Are the above 2 items "the norm" or is there a way of a)programming the system to prevent pop ups and b) speeding up my system.

I am running windows 98se on AOL dial up.

  johnnyrocker 16:17 21 Feb 2004

i doubt za is responsible for either but no doubt could be wrong, there is a setting under customise for pop ups but one could find a pop up stopper almost anywhere these days, as for speed issue you could disable za and see if any change.


  Megatyte 16:21 21 Feb 2004

Would the pop-ups be ZA alerts? If so, before you close it, tick Do Not Show...


  ^wave^ 16:23 21 Feb 2004

go to alterts tab and turn them off i think thats the prob just let za do its work

  Kaacee 18:22 21 Feb 2004

No its not the ZA alerts, i have ticked that not to show, these are adverts.!!!!!!

  spuds 19:05 21 Feb 2004

Strange one this.I have installed a number of ZA downloads for friends. Never had adverts, only alerts.Did you download direct from the ZA site!.

  Kaacee 14:04 22 Feb 2004

SPUDS....i downloaded via Computeractive....ssh say that quitely....magazine...interestingly all the adverts come up on IE screen although i am logged on via you say 'tis strange

Sorry for not coming back sooner on this

  hugh-265156 14:09 22 Feb 2004

the pro version of ZA has a pop up blocker.

outpost free click here has one built in.

  spuds 16:33 22 Feb 2004

Gudlucker. Funny you should say that. I downloaded a programme from said magazine recently, and had similar advertising problem. Its beginning to make me think now. Perhaps best if you downloaded direct from ZoneLabs click here

  Wayneh 16:43 22 Feb 2004

You may need to try an ad removing app before you re-install from a clean site, zonelabs is fine, try adaware or spystopper at click here

  Kaacee 13:28 24 Feb 2004

Thanks to all that responded to my problem, unfortunately,none of the suggestion's resolved it, i have therefore ininstalled ZA and installed Sygate which appears to be working without a problem and as yet, have not seen any advert pop up's....

Again thanks for all help received.

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