Zone Alarm & Dangerous Behaviour/Suspicious Behavi

  prykie 00:29 01 Nov 2005

Since installing latest version I keep getting ZA alert boxes asking me whether to allow or deny dangerous behaviour/suspicious behaviours but I don't understand what these are. Allowing or denying seems to make no difference. They keep appearing and won't always go away when clicked. My system takes for ever to boot up. I also run Norton AV 2004.

I wish I had not upgraded as I had trouble in the past and had to revert to an earlier version.

Can anyone help me?

  Splork 01:13 01 Nov 2005

Norton will slow your system on it's own, quite heavy on resources from what I've seen, but better than nothing :) - run a complete update and scan, and look amongst ZA's many screens for a log file - take a look and see what it's blocking. Are you on broadband? Any wierd popups or unwanted toolbars in Internet Explorer?

  Micromagic 04:13 01 Nov 2005

ZA is famous for trouble, specially if one has a
I ininstalled evrything connected with ZA from my
PC and, since then, it works like a charm.

Get rid of ZA for smooth functioning of your PC.

  Batch 07:47 01 Nov 2005

These alerts are covered in the ZA manual that you should download from click here.

It doesn't give a lot of detail, but is the best starting point.

  Sirpad 08:24 01 Nov 2005

Interesting, seeing as I was about to install ZA today. Think I'll wait for some other input to this as ZA seems to get rave reviews in this forum.

Am confused now!

  Batch 08:51 01 Nov 2005

I use ZA (albeit v5.5.062.004) with broadband (via a ADSL router) with no problems whatsoever. The inbound ZA firewall has liitle to do as the router has its own built in firewall that catches just about everything.

But ZA has outbound protection as well, so only apps that you want to access the internet etc. are allowed to.

From the release history (click here), I see no real reason for me to update to a later version at the moment.

  961 08:54 01 Nov 2005

in each case when receiving a warning of this sort it is necessary to read the warning, see which programme is being referred to and decide if the action should be allowed or denied. If you don't recognise the programme or what it is trying to do, then you should deny. If you do this and some action you are trying to take, such as a programme upgrade, then fails to happen, you can always start the operation again, and this time allow the operation

If anything slows down a system I would suggest it is Norton and not Zone Alarm

Zone Alarm does work like a dream for me, but it does require thought when it flags up potential problems

What is clear is that if you un-install it, it is essential to use an alternative firewall, especially on broadband

  freaky 09:04 01 Nov 2005

If you are running Norton AV 2004 plus Zone Alarm, then you have two Firewalls running at the same time - this will cause conflicts.

If you are using XP and also have enabled it's firewall - then you have three firwalls in use!

I would suggest that you disable Zone Alarm and the XP Firewall, and just use Norton. If everything is OK, then uninstall Zone Alarm.

I have used NAV for many years and find it excellent, and is does not slow down my system!

  Ancient Learner 10:12 01 Nov 2005

I totally agree with 961. Additionally, since I ditched all of Norton's stuff, my life has been a whole lot easier - not without problems, but the difference is noticeable.

  spuds 10:56 01 Nov 2005

When you click allow or deny, do you click the remember box as well?.

  ^wave^ 11:15 01 Nov 2005

i have used ZA for years i have the latest down load it runs with xp sp2 no problems. it just does the job

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