zone alarm conflict

  yaesu 20:24 13 Apr 2004

Hi folks,
does anyone know of any conflicts between w2000, zone alarm and BT's new Yahoo dial up service please? It comes up with "your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection etc." If I disable zonealarm it'll then log in normally. Zone alarm can then be restarted without any probs! I suppose I can live with it but it'd be nice not to have to.
Tnx, yaesu

  keith-236785 22:41 13 Apr 2004

Hi, if some details have changed regarding the dial up connection then ZA may need to be advised about it, best thing to do is to remove the program entries in ZA (in the program Control section, right click the old dial up setting and choose remove" for your dial up.

next time you try to log onto the internet, ZA should pop up a box asking if you want to grant permission to to access the internet. You should tick the "remember this answer" box and say YES. then you should have no problems.

  yaesu 20:01 14 Apr 2004

Hi, sorry for delay in replying, I'm still of the working class, always wanted a 9to5 job,now got one but the wrong part of the day.
I've just updated za and checked as paperman27 suggests. Still no good! the only way to log in is to shut down za, log in, then restart za.
I'll e-mail them, see if they've heard of this problem.

  matt1234 21:50 14 Apr 2004


have u set za to let it have FULL access try settin it to low security and keep puttin it up till the problem comes up!

  yaesu 19:16 18 Apr 2004

Hi, sorry to resurrect this old post! I've tried these suggestions without success. the same conditions apply as originally. It'll connect to the net but not e-mail. This error message comes up Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection.Possible causes etc.etc. Account server ', protocolpop3, port110, secure(ssl): no, error number 0x800ccc0f.
(w2k + ie6 + oe6 all with updates applied)
Anyone with more suggestions please?
Tnx. yaesu

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:24 18 Apr 2004

Dump ZoneAlarm and use Outpost click here.


  Dae 20:10 18 Apr 2004

That error number 0x800ccc0f is mentioned in Microsoft KB articles 813514 and 329916. May be worth a look.

  yaesu 20:11 18 Apr 2004

tnx GANDALF, downloading now. Have used zone alarm for ages without probs until BTYahoo came along!! I'll let you know how it goes.

  yaesu 19:02 22 Apr 2004

Hi folks, I must apologise for delay in reply. Problem is resolved, uninstalled/reinstalled zone alarm and alls well, should have thought of that before! Tnx all, once again.
Regards Yaesu

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