Zone Alarm

  swanny2 12:06 11 Apr 2007

My free 15 day trial of ZA has just ran out.What id like too know is now im continuing with ZA,not the Pro version,the free one.does the Anti virus still work on it,or is that only with the pro free Trial?
Ive downloaded Avast an its scanning at the min,and i dont want the 2 too clash,,
cheers Swanny :O)

  anskyber 12:12 11 Apr 2007

You should only run one full time anti virus at a time.

As far as I am aware the only free ZA is the firewall.

  swanny2 12:23 11 Apr 2007

cheers. ive downloaded Avast 4.7 an when i click on start protection i get Register or Demo for 59 days,i thought this Avast was Free?
ive got 2 icons in the tasktray in the corner of my pc 1 says -avast VRDB and the other says- On access Scanner 7 provider(s) Total 6 running.
im not sure what thats doing,yet when i right click on it,and select Start i get either register or Demo.. Does these mean im protected for Antivirus,as when i go too Zone alarm too turn Antivirus on,it tells me im not protected by any Antivirus. im baffled.. hehe :O)

  provider 2 12:38 11 Apr 2007

Right-click the avast! globe and click ON-Access Protection Control. There you will see which providers you have running anti-virus checks.

  swanny2 12:46 11 Apr 2007

ok mate thers no globes? theres 2 grey round things one with the letter I in it,that says VRDB recovery database. other 1 i cant make out whats in it..
Just says 7 providers 6 running,when i open it,there is a Scan count and run time.
Does this mean im protected? thats what i really want too know .im bit worried being on me pc if it isnt. thanks

  provider 2 12:57 11 Apr 2007

Looks as if your Avast! download is corrupt. There should be a dark blue globe with the letter "a" on it. I suggest you uninstall and re-install to fix the problem.

  swanny2 13:43 11 Apr 2007

ok mate, ive uninstalled it,and downloaded AVG. That seems too be ok . thanks.
i now have
Spyware Terminater
Zone Alarm
Spybot S+D
Spyware Blaster
That should do me shouldnt it?


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