Zone Alarm

  swanny2 11:32 30 Mar 2007

ive just turned my pc on and in the tray at the bottom right of my screen is a little sign sayin Windows security Alerts.
When i click on it i get Firewall Off, now when i click on it it then tells me Zone Alarm is turned off,yet in the tray at the bottom of my screen ,is the LetterZ as if Zone alarm is working..
Whayt i cant work out is why im getting the security Alert saying its turned Off. Now my son has zone alarm too on his laptop via a Router,Could!! this be anything too do with it,ive no idea .

help plz. thanks

  bof:) 11:53 30 Mar 2007

have you tried just rebooting your pc? If so are you still having the same problem after the reboot?

  swanny2 12:53 30 Mar 2007

Cheers Bof rebooted seems ok now thanks.. dont know why tho . canu explain why i had reboot,just for future referrence cheers.
an tx again.. :O)

  bof:) 13:31 30 Mar 2007

not really it just happens now and then. I'm assuming that somewhere along the line Zone Alarm did not load correctly hence the error. It always pays to have a second go at starting pc up if you have an error on a program the first time.


  swanny2 15:33 30 Mar 2007

ok tx 4 ure help. :O)

  Diemmess 18:35 30 Mar 2007

'Had a ballon from Taskbar today saying a new update of Zone Alarm was available.
I managed to steer through blandishments to load all sorts of versions (all with a cost somewhere) and downloaded/installed a very new look and large file.

You could just try updating and see if that clears the confusion?

  SURVEY 14:49 01 Apr 2007

swanny2 -see my postings in Helproom over the last couple of days. The latest update appears to be buggy and really screwed up my computer.

  swanny2 16:54 01 Apr 2007

ok cheers mate seems too be running ok at the moment.
thanks for help anyway.
cheers :O)

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