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  ikwintanoh87 13:16 24 Sep 2007

Hi all, my laptop has recently become infected by Zlob, and I followed many of the suggestions given in a previous forum posting, including downloading Spybot and A Squared. After several scannings and cleanings, Spybot finally reported that my laptop was "clean". However, the little blinking shield icon telling me to download the false adware is still there. Also, when I check the active processes in my Windows Task Manager, the malware code of "msmmsgs.exe" is still there.
Does that mean that Spybot is wrong and Zlob is still very much present in my laptop? Or is this just harmless leftovers that still appear even after the Zlob is cleaned out of the system?

  wee eddie 14:58 24 Sep 2007

Have you removed all your System Restore Points? Just turn the System Restore off and run Spybot.

As with many nasties, it may be able to leave copies of itself in there.

  ikwintanoh87 19:46 24 Sep 2007

Yes, I've tried taking off system restore and rebooting. Once I did that, Spybot claimed that it had gotten rid of the problem, but, well, there's still that flashing icon...

  wee eddie 20:28 24 Sep 2007

Please describe it.

You mentioned "msmmsgs.exe", could you have meant "msmsgs.exe"?

  ikwintanoh87 21:16 24 Sep 2007

Oops, yes, I meant "msmsgs.exe" (I'm glad one of us knows what they're talking about). The shield is located on my desktop taskbar; it blinks red with an x then blue with a question mark, and periodically, a little pop up appears saying something along the lines of "System Warning!" and proceeds to tell me that I should download an "up-to-date spyware software". When I right-click it or left-click it, either nothing happens or it automatically opens up a blank internet explorer window. I hope this description helps in some way. Thanks for trying to help me through this!

  wee eddie 21:37 24 Sep 2007

is part of Windows Messenger.

I'm not sure about the shield, what other Anti Spyware have you loaded other than Spybot?

  ikwintanoh87 21:41 24 Sep 2007

Besides Spybot, I have Ad-aware and A-squared. I have no idea which program this shield belongs to: when I hold my pointer over the icon, no additional information pops up; usually, the name of the program will appear, but this shield icon does nothing.

  Acx 23:09 24 Sep 2007

Have a read of this, It sounds a lot like your problems.

click here

  Acx 23:19 24 Sep 2007

I think the shield is a symptom of zlob installing extra software on your computer.

  Acx 23:26 24 Sep 2007

This may be more comprehensive

click here

  ikwintanoh87 15:29 25 Sep 2007

Thanks, Acx! The first article you linked to was exactly what I needed, and it seemed to have done the trick: the flashing icon is now gone. I'm going to run the same scan that seemed to have worked in a few days time to make sure all of Zlob was removed, but I'm fairly confident that it's gone. Thanks again for the help!

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