Zip Drive Loan

  Mike2002 21:40 13 Feb 2003

My Zip 100 USB Drive has packed up and Iomega
do not offer any repair facilities.
Does anyone know of a computer shop in the London area that could loan me a secondhand one(for a fee of course) for a few hours to out some files and transfer them to CD-RW.
I'll stick to CD from now on.

  Patr100 21:48 13 Feb 2003

I don't know of any loan facilities but I would suggest the following. Perhaps see if you can buy one cheaply from say loot click here and then when you are finished with it then resell it. You will lose a little in the tranaction but it may end up cheaper than finding a hire shop. Or perhaps your local internet cafe, digital photo processor shop or library has the facility to transfer the files to CD or floppy for you.

  pj123 11:43 14 Feb 2003

I have a PC with an internal Zip Drive. If your disks do not contain anything confidential or personal and you are happy you could post them to me and I will transfer them to CD for you????

email me if you want to do this.

  hoverman 12:05 14 Feb 2003

I personally would recomend you replace your Zip drive. In the past I have had the odd CD that was perfectly OK and then all of sudden refuse to be read. I would never trust a CD as my sole source of back-up and use both a 250MB zip drive and a CD-RW drive to give two back-ups. I have a vast library of hovercraft pictures (now you know why I am known as hoverman) which would be almost impossible to replace should I ever be in the position of losing them.

  Mike2002 12:15 14 Feb 2003

Pete(pj123): Thanks very much for the offer, but - yes, some files are 'personal'. That's the problem.

hoverman: Totally agree with what you said. My son
has always maintained that people should have "Backups of Backups."
Am still trying to decide, though, whether to buy
a new Zip.

  Carol Sco 13:37 14 Feb 2003

I have an old Zip drive in an machine you can have it if you like.
don't know how old it is or anyhting but could take it out and have a look if you are intrested.

  jimv7 13:55 14 Feb 2003

If your zip is suffering from the 'Click of Death' Iomega will replace it free of charge, they only ask to hear the drive clicking over the phone.

Its worth a try.

  Kate B 14:01 14 Feb 2003

Mike2002, I've got a parallel Zip drive that's yours for a tenner if that's any use. Did you say you were in London?

  Mike2002 15:21 14 Feb 2003

Thanks for all your offer of help guys.

jimv7: I had a drive for 18 months which suffered
from the 'click of death'. My present one is the
'remanufactured' replacement they sent me last Sept. But they only guarantee the replacements for 3 months.

Kate B: I'm in London, but my connection is USB.

Carol Sco: I'll ask my son about that one (he's more technical).

I may look on ebay to see if there's anything going.

One again, thank you for all your support.

  pj123 15:30 14 Feb 2003

Understand your predicament. But if you don't get any further with your quest my offer is still open. As a company (Eagle Computers) I have many requests like this and I am not in the habit of reading other peoples files. Once I have done the job whatever I saw is forgotten.


  Kate B 23:21 14 Feb 2003

Mike2002 - no probs. Let me know if you decide you want it. I'm in sunny west London.

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