Zalman VGA cooler

  midian 13:44 25 May 2012

I have just got a Zalman VF3000N cooler for my old GTX260. My motherboard is an old Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4 v2.0 AM2 socket. The CPU cooler fan is also by Zalman which has a Fanmate 2 speed controller. The VGA cooler also uses a Fanmate 2 controller. The problem is, the 3 connectors on my MB... CPU-Fan, SYS-Fan are being used. My case fans run from the SYS-Fan connector. The PWR-Fan connector is not being used. Could I use that connector to power the VGA cooler fans?

Have been onto the Gigabyte site and have emailed them but no answer yet.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


  KRONOS the First 14:03 25 May 2012


  midian 19:03 25 May 2012

Was after a more concrete answer rather than just a simple yes. Must be 100% sure I can use the connector before I actually go ahead with changing the cooler.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:42 25 May 2012

"Any help would be very much appreciated."

And yet, when someone gives you a straightforward answer you complain that its not good enough.

  Ian in Northampton 21:06 25 May 2012

... and if you were a regular user of this site, you'd know that Chronus knows his stuff. If Chronus said 'yes' to me, that'd be good enough. Well, mostly... ;-)

  KRONOS the First 07:18 26 May 2012

My apologies, as I was called away and did not give a more detailed response, but in this case Google was your friend and could have given you a lot of different answers. So I will try and clarify.

As for pwr_fan - various sources say that it won't control the fan speed and its proper use is for monitoring PSU fans where supported. If you have more fans than chassis fan connectors, you could presumably use this as it should be possible to power a fan off it, however. Practically this would be preferable if you didn't want to use a molex connection specifically for fan power, but its not a replacement for a proper chassis fan supply.

You could also buy yourself a sys_fan splitter Amazon which will mean you can free up a header for use with the VGA cooler, be careful fitting that as there have been a few reports of damage to the GPU.

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