Zalman HP80A troubles

  Bailey08787 22:45 22 Apr 2003


I've just installed this GPU cooler on to my Leadtek GeForce4 Ti 4400 250 TD graaphics card.

This card was deemed compatible by the Zalman website, and I emailed them to double-check, and they said it would be fine.

But I am concerned as the heatpipe which wraps around the card isn't long enough - it doesn't clear the heatsink plates like its supposed to.

Anyone know of any problem that will tell me if my GPU is overheating? I don't want the card to go kapput.

In addition to all this, the pc sounds just as noisy now, even without the big fan that was originally running on the card.

I think I'll maybe get some acoustic casing materials, but fear these will just make things even warmer inside my case.

  Bailey08787 22:51 22 Apr 2003

here's what I'm going on about:

click here

  Bailey08787 13:31 23 Apr 2003

i meant to say 'program', not 'problem'

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