Youtube to Ipod

  Squirrel1 20:17 22 May 2007

In a weekly computer mag I saw and article on how to download videos from utube by using an application called youtube to ipod converter.
I followed the instructions in the article, but, each time I tried to obtain a video clip. But cutting and pasting the URL into the relevrnt field in the application, after a short while, a box appears on the screen stating that there is no video to download at the URL.
What am I doing wrong, or, can you download files from youtube??

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:31 22 May 2007

click here will give you some ideas to try.


  Squirrel1 21:10 22 May 2007

Still no success. Have been to numerous web sites and nothing seeems to work!!!!

  Squirrel1 21:26 22 May 2007

Is it actually possible to download vidoes from youtube and put them on an ipod.
Does not seem so.....
I have given up for today, what a waste of time and electricty...

  tobyb121 15:24 29 Jul 2007

I know this is quite an old post but I stumbled across it while searching the forums. I found the easiest way to do it is to first get veoh player which adds a toolbar to your internet explorer which alows you to download videos from you tube. Then I would recommend using using vlc media player to convert the videos to ipod format.
This is wuite a vague guide, so if you need any more information on any of the steps, just ask.

  2neat 08:23 30 Jul 2007


  Al94 23:56 11 Sep 2007

Just come from a friend's who can't download Youtube video using Veoh in recent weeks. I tried installing it on my PC and it wont download either, it used to work fine - any ideas? It goes as far as queuing download but then nothing happens.

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