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  TomoG 12:58 21 Apr 2008

Hi, i am having problems watching video's on youtube, a week ago it was telling me that i had to download a newer version of Adobe Flash Player which i did and ever since then i have been having problems viewing them. Say for example a video is 3 mins long. It plays for a minute until it catches up with the red thing going across and then stops, if i want to watch some more i have to move the ticker at the bottom forward 20 seconds and it plays again for another minute before it stops again.

Does anyone know what i can do?

Thanks for your time!

  simmo09 15:31 21 Apr 2008

try clicking the video you want to watch, pause it straight away, let it all load then watch.

sometimes its you tube in my opinion that has that effect. if the same problem report back.

  rdave13 16:40 21 Apr 2008

Try running Ccleaner then try the video on you tube.

  pj123 16:54 21 Apr 2008

I've got no problem with Youtube since your first post.

I have tried at least 16 videos and not one of them has stuttered or failed.

I guess it must be something to do with your computer?

  simmo09 17:03 21 Apr 2008

CCleaner would make no difference at all, try rolling back your system with system restore. Or uninstall flash then try re-installing.

  rossgolf 17:09 21 Apr 2008

ccleaner could make a difference. gets rid of any offending temp files and dodgy cookies
not sayin it will work but it could

  rdave13 17:19 21 Apr 2008

Beg to differ. It can make a difference when streaming videos.

  simmo09 18:20 21 Apr 2008

it would only make a difference by flushing the system of clutter and or obsolete regisry entries, but even then not a massive impact unless he has tons of crap. regarding TomoG's issue seems to lie with the adobe flash. i suggest he tried what i previously said then try again.

  rdave13 18:57 21 Apr 2008

All I know is whenever youtube plays like mentioned above, I close the browser run Ccleaner then re-open the browser and youtube plays fine. Same for the BBC iplayer site.
This is from the cleaned list in Ccleaner,
C:\Documents and Settings\ <name> \Application Data\MACROMEDIA\Flash Player\\support\flashplayer\sys\settings.sol\405 bytes.
It works for me anyway.

  simmo09 19:14 21 Apr 2008

maybe so, he could try it see if it works. but i think its something else, i qoute:

"..a week ago it was telling me that i had to download a newer version of Adobe Flash Player which i did and ever since then i have been having problems viewing them"

which ever way as long as he resolves the problem.

  Stuartli 19:37 21 Apr 2008

Do you have the correct version of Adobe Flash?

One is specific to Internet Explorer and the other for Firefox etc. Both listed for downloading here:

click here

Also make sure that you have all the necessary audio and video codecs by downloading and installing either the Standard or Full version of K-Lite Codecs Pack from:

click here

click here

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