Youtube Freezing

  thumbscrew 19:12 18 Jul 2008

My Youtube clips keep freezing recently...stops for a few onscreen circle appears and then it resumes playing, but happens again. I never used to get any problems...anyone else getting the same?

  citadel 19:24 18 Jul 2008

either the sites slow or your broadbands running slow.

  rdave13 19:34 18 Jul 2008

As citadel. I usually find that running Ccleaner helps though.

  thumbscrew 20:13 18 Jul 2008

Thanks both...rdave, I've downloaded Ccleaner and clicked clean...anything I shouldn't have removed?

  rdave13 20:20 18 Jul 2008

First have a look at what it cleans. If you like to keep all you history then untick the boxses for you different browsers. I also untick 'delete recycle bin' just in case. Otherwise leave as default.
Ccleaner has a mild registry cleaner that will allow you to back-up to your 'my documents'. If you use the reg cleaner then suggest to save at least one back-up.
Once you are happy then clear out your temp folders and browser cashe. Close Ccleaner and try your you-tube video again.

  thumbscrew 20:36 18 Jul 2008

Thanks more query, I use both IE and Firefox, but Firefox isn't listed on the Ccleaner screen??????

  thumbscrew 20:40 18 Jul 2008

Oops, ok rdave, found it under Applications...thanks brother.

  rdave13 20:43 18 Jul 2008

For the you-tube problem you only need to run the cleaner from the 'windows' tab or 'application' tab.

  thumbscrew 21:26 18 Jul 2008

Thanks pal...on it now.

  Drpeter 10:30 07 Mar 2009

I have eaxctly the same problem and use Ccleaner every day - so that has not solved the problem. I have also re-installed quicktime and also the latest Flash. Any further advice - PLEASE?

  rdave13 17:27 07 Mar 2009

Check your broadband speed. As a temporary measure try speedbit video accelerator, not highly rated but worth a try. click here

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