YouTube downloads a problem

  johnincrete 06:28 12 Jan 2014

I had a "Download" button on YouTube that allowed downloads in a variety of formats: I found mp4 played OK on Windows Media PLayer (It's just under the picture frame). But now I rarely see that download button and I use Free YouTube Download from DVD Videosoft but its mp4 files are not recognised by WMP so I have to use the "convert" facility to get .avi that do play - and it takes hours!

My questions are:

  1. Is the download facility in YouTube a browser or YouTube facility?

  2. Why is it sometimes available and sometimes not?

  3. What method do you use to download from YouTube?

I share an internet connection with my grandchildren so I download when they are not using the internet to watch later.

  michaelw 08:28 12 Jan 2014

I use the RealPlayer plug-in which works 90% of the time.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:01 12 Jan 2014

"Is the download facility in YouTube a browser or YouTube facility?"

YouTube don't really want anyone downloading and saving videos on their site so that facility is provided by third parties - usually by means of a browser add-on.

"What method do you use to download from YouTube?"

For the Firefox browser I use the "NetVideoHunter" add-on. It puts a button on the toolbar which flashes when it detects a downloadable video on the page. I've just downloaded a YouTube video and the MP4 file played fine in Windows Media Player.

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