Declanworld 19:37 15 Oct 2010

When I click on a link on YouTube, nothing happens. I have to right-click and open in a new tab.

Any ideas, comrades?

  northumbria61 22:57 15 Oct 2010

You MAY need to reinstall Adobe Flash and also make sure that JavaScript's enabled. JavaScript allows you to click on items and take an action: :

Uninstall any versions of Flash currently on your computer.
-- download the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player. Close your browser then install it.
-- re-open your browser and enable JavaScript.
For Firefox here's how click here - similar in I.E.

  Declanworld 00:34 16 Oct 2010

Thanks for that - I've tried your suggestions without success.

  rdave13 01:51 16 Oct 2010

Browser problem then. Try clicking using the wheel mouse. Press the wheel mouse twice. Should open in a new tab.
Settings are wrong for mouse possibly.
As I've no idea what operating system you use or browser then my crystal ball is cloudy.

  Declanworld 02:06 16 Oct 2010

I deleted all my temp files and cookies which has solved the problem - thanks for your time and help.

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