Your'e gonna believe this!

  User-CB94CED6-F3AA-42E7-8A286564F5DCBC14 16:19 12 Nov 2007

Given a 2.8Ghz PC. XP Pro. Great, Oh dear! No browser - someone deleted it. Try for updates. Oh Dear! again, non registered XP Pro. Do I want to pay £95? Yes OK, good machine XP Pro for cheap. Oh Dear! no browser so when I click on the BUY button cannot pay because browser is "incompatible" (I downloaded FFox to get on the internet. MS won't take this browser for paying). Try Opera - same again. Try to download IE6 - won't load.

Ring MS, sorry if you can't pay over internet tough, go and buy a here#

Anyone help???

  johnnyrocker 16:21 12 Nov 2007

system restore?


  Pamy 16:28 12 Nov 2007

cantthinkofanickname, what was the click here for?

  octal 16:29 12 Nov 2007

I would say tough to MS and put Linux on it, it depends on what you are going to use the computer for, if it's for games then you'll probably have to put Windows on it.

  rawprawn 16:30 12 Nov 2007

Have you got the XP Disc?

i had a 5 month old version of works on my xp pc, i paid for a retail upgrade to vista and called them to try and download my office suite on vista, they told me pretty much the same, go and buy another, if firefox works use it. or buy click here for your pc.

  rawprawn 16:34 12 Nov 2007

If so go to Start> Run > type sfc /scannow and hit enter, you will need the XP Disc.

NO, I want to pay £95 so I need advice on the next step to get IE6 on my PC. Thanks for the link, can I buy one of these (£98) and they will accept it for an end user? Bit of a risk if they won't!

No link in original post


  Karakorum 16:37 12 Nov 2007

How about using Opera on "Identify as Internet Explorer"?

  Karakorum 16:40 12 Nov 2007

And isn't there a plug-in to use IE in Firefox, (or something like that)

  johndrew 16:49 12 Nov 2007

Use Firefox with IE View click here it also works with updates and those other sites that only like IE.

Very easy to install.

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