Your thoughts on my site

  hooligan 14:15 20 Jun 2004

Not asked for a while and ive done a good bit more. You might have to press site map for all pages as some are linked inside.

Most pics are mine and someone sent me some but still a few short so if anyones got any ? it would be good.

Any ideas on what i can do to improve.


  hooligan 14:17 20 Jun 2004

Forgot that and dont know why its come on twice

  User-312386 08:21 21 Jun 2004

on the HOME page the links have moved inward

with regrads to the garden chat forum, i would make that open in a new page(_blank)

On the landscaping page links(on the left) they jump a little to the right

  hooligan 08:53 21 Jun 2004

I ve tried for months to do links target=blank but cant get it right. I dont know what you mean about the buttons inwards is it a little bit darker round the buttons on the home page to the right. The other links dont jump for me.


  User-312386 17:09 21 Jun 2004

i am using IE6 and the home page links are about 1 and a half inches in from the left, unlike the rest which are about quarter of an inch

  kev.Ifty 19:06 21 Jun 2004

"home page links are about 1 and a half inches in from the left"
I can confirm this as correct, i am sure its the monitor size, (17 inch in my case) if i reduce the browser window width the links are all in line.
Just to confirm,this only happens on the home page. The links, icluding the email link, are further to the right
Cheers Kev.

  User-312386 00:02 22 Jun 2004

As kev.Ifty has said they are to the right when viewed in 1024x768 resolution

However, when viewed in 800x600 they are fine

  hooligan 16:55 22 Jun 2004

oh i will try to upload again i have the 800/600
so i dont know.

  User-312386 08:13 23 Jun 2004

just looked

still the same

  woodbexhill 12:12 23 Jun 2004

“Need advice on a gardening or Landscaping project”

I think you need a '?' following that sentence, as I'd assume it's a rhetorical question for the viewer of the site.

There is a miss spelling of 'guidance' at the bottom of the page.

On the index page all the text and links are completely offset from the position they should be in. (Looks as though this has already been mentioned above)

In my opinion, the 'Contact' page looks cluttered, there are several different buttons all of different styles/sizes, all of which relate to completely different things. I think the contact page would be better if it was set out in a more logical way.

  Grantrh 19:59 23 Jun 2004

It looks a nice site to me, especially the photos which are very good.

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