Your thoughts???

  flaz1984 22:25 20 Jan 2005


Im thinking about buying a laptop, i will mainly be using the laptop for developing websites, using Dreamweaver and Flash etc.

I will not really be using it for playing games although i may watch the odd dvd.

I have seen a laptop on the tiny website, this is a link to it: click here

I was wondering if you think its upto the job in hand, and would appreciate any thoughts that you have regarding this laptop or recommendations you may have.



  Kate B 23:06 20 Jan 2005

Hmm, looks like a bit of an odd combination to me ... that's a powerful processor offering 64bit processing- which you don't need as 64bit Windows ain't out yet. And this isn't a machine on which you'd want to upgrade the OS when 64bit is available, I don't think. It does have plenty of ram, which is nice, but a poxy small hard drive.

Also the onboard graphics is nothing to write home about and the screen res is pretty low: you wouldn't be happy if you changed your mind and wanted to play games on it.

Dig around a bit - you can probably do better than that, or at least find a more balanced system. Other, wiser heads than I will probably point you at some other laptop deals. And it's always worth having a look at either a specialist laptop magazine or indeed dear old PCA for their best-buy charts and reviews.

  Kate B 23:13 20 Jan 2005

oh, another thought - I'd be wary of that "preinstalled supanet internet access": I could be wrong but I suspect it's that incredibly irritating thing where the dial-up modem is locked into Supanet and it's the devil's own job to break free of it.

and I see Tiny is offering you the chance to buy the Microsoft Office full student licence for "only" £119 at the end of a 60-day trial. Two thoughts on that: one, you shouldn't really be buying a student licence if you don't have a student or teacher in the immediate family and two, if you do decide to go the student licence, you can find it a lot cheaper elsewhere - it's £89 on Amazon, for example
click here

Plus you wouldn't want to carry it around much: 3.5 kg is a behemoth!

Up to you but I wouldn't buy that machine.

  flaz1984 19:36 21 Jan 2005

Any one else have any reccomendations about a suitable laptop for around the £800 mark??

I have popped down to PC World to have a look and thought that the following were quite decent:

Packard Bell A714S
Advent 7066M
Gateway 4532

They were all priced around £800 but which one would you reccommend based on build quality, spec, aftercare etc.

Thanks in advance


  Cook2 20:54 21 Jan 2005

Have a look at some of these click here

  *Silver*Hawk* 20:57 21 Jan 2005

the only problem I see with that tiny laptop is the graphics. A 64 bit processor is fine, as they do run 32bit apps much faster and will be ready for the next generation application. If you require a lot of graphical work, then this isn't recommended as the chipset of those graphics aren't exactly great. This is probably how they dropped the price to 799.

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