Your RAM upgrade opinions on this setup please ?

  Tinkey Winkey 21:20 13 Apr 2006

I want to upgrade the RAm on an oldish Pentium SKT 478 PC with only 2 RAM slots.

The existing RAM stick is just 128MB of 333MHZ.

I can either scrap this and just put in 2x 512MB sticks of 400MHZ =1024MB total running at 400mhz.

Or I could put in a single 1024MB 400MHZ stick along side the existing 128MB 333MHZ = 1152MB total running at 333MHZ.

Is it better to have less RAM (1024MB) running at a higher frequency (400MHZ) or more ram (1152MB) running at a lower frequency (333mhz)?

  phono 21:29 13 Apr 2006

What OS are you using? Win 95, 98, ME may actually run into problems with RAM larger than 512MB.

Do you really think you would notice the difference in the two RAM speeds and as it is an "oldish" PC is it worth the cost? What do you intend to use this PC for?

  gudgulf 21:32 13 Apr 2006

The difference between 1024MB and 1152MB is small enough to make no difference to the runnining of the pc...given that 1024MB is plenty for all but the most demanding of games and video encoding programs.

As for the difference between 400MHz and 333MHz.....again it is not likely to be too noticable and will depend on the use to which the pc is put,not to mention the spec of the rest of the pc.400MHz RAM should offer the best performance and 1 gig of that should have the edge on a slightly higher amount of 333MHz RAM.

Just on the basis of providing the best bang for the buck I would be inclined to go with 2x512MB sticks of 400MHz RAM

  Rtus 21:34 13 Apr 2006

sometimes adding more (mixing)ram leads to nothing but hassle .however as your not buying new (in which case I would have pointed you to crucial web site & its mem selecter )try just the single 1gb stick ,if the mobo will accept it, I wouldnt add it to the exsisting 128 stick ,removing,probably the better option.

  Tinkey Winkey 21:54 13 Apr 2006

1.7ghz celeron, 80GB HDD ,Win XP Pro.

I like 1024MB RAM as it allows me to do mutiple things such as a virus scan and general computing at the same time.

I also like to use Norton which is a big RAM eater!
Onboard VGA also hogs 64MB RAM.

Think I'll ditch the 128MB and just go for a single 1GB Stick of 400mhz.

Thanks for your comments - appreciate you taking the time to reply.

Cheers & Happy easter to you all !

  phono 23:50 13 Apr 2006

Just make sure the Mobo will take a single 1GB stick before buying.

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