Your buying advice! :-)

  stealthuk 14:41 04 Nov 2006

Hi tech heads,
I need your help, basically im doing a pc upgrade, and am not too clued up about what's compatible and what's not, and also what i should buy and what i shouldnt.

I really need this pc for high end design/graphics/motion work as well as wanting to play things like battlefield /halflife etc...
ok SO this is what i have so far:

256M Nvidia MSI PCI-E GF6800GT OEM

Kingston ValueRAM 2x512MB 240Pin DIMM
PC2-4300 Non-ECC DDR2 CL4

CPU COOLER - so my chip doesnt screw up again !
Zalman CNPS9700-LED Aero Flower (Socket AM2/939/754/478/775) CPU Cooler (HS-026-ZA)

Western Digital WD1600JD 160GB 7200RPM SATA/150 8MB Cache - OEM
Western Digital WD740GD 74GB "Raptor" 10,000RPM SATA/150 8MB Cache - OEM

SO with this config I need to buy a new chip and motherboard what do you guys think wil be good, for a reasonable price -ie would like to spend around £150 or so for a chip (and not £600!) and a motherboard of around the same price...

  rodriguez 14:53 04 Nov 2006

click here for your CPU - or if you wanted to spend a little extra for a bit more speed, click here.

click here for your board.

I think all this should be compatible, but I'm sure people will point out any mistakes.

  stealthuk 15:37 04 Nov 2006

but do you think that this motherboard is ATI and not Nvidia, like my grafix card there will be a problem?

also what is your feeling on intel core 2 duo ?

  rodriguez 15:42 04 Nov 2006

Both ATI and Nvidia cards will fit as it's just PCI-Express. The only cards you can't use are AGP, so that should be fine. AMD CPU's clock faster than Intel CPU's, even though the quoted speed seems slower (it's a bit confusing) and AMD are preferred by people who build their own systems and gamers. I haven't used an Intel Core Duo, as mine is just a regular Celeron 2.4 GHz, but I'm sure someone who has used one will come in and add their comments on it.

  stealthuk 16:28 04 Nov 2006

have an opinion?


  stealthuk 18:35 04 Nov 2006

click here

  rodriguez 18:57 04 Nov 2006

That board should also be fine, but I think this one (click here=) is the same board but cheaper.

  stealthuk 19:01 04 Nov 2006

thanks R!

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