your advice please

  Boy Zone 15:14 22 Jan 2005

I am very new to web design. I have Dreamweaver MX, Reason I was informed this is the best to learn to use.
Having looked at the forums and the web pages that you have all designed i can see that I have a steep learning curve to climb.
Anyway, I now gather that you are all against free web page templates, but what if one wants to use one. How do you incorporate this page template into your own web site design?
Lastly, is it worth for me to buy any books on how to use MX? Please state book(s). The manual is fine but I would like something in simple language.

  Forum Editor 16:16 22 Jan 2005

You've chosen a very good, but pretty challenging program with which to start your web-design life Boy Zone. DreamWeaver is superb, but it isn't what I would call a beginner's application - it has a pretty steep learning curve, as you say.

I suggest that you read the excellent DW tutorials that you can access from within the program itself, and practice with a test site on your web space. Come back to this thread with specific questions/problems as and when they arise, and we'll do our best to steer you through it all.

  Boy Zone 18:08 22 Jan 2005

Thanks for your reply.
Yes I realise that I have a challenge.
I have just realise that within my MS office 2003 I have Front page, just shows I didn't know what I had. Is FP better to learn as a 1st stage?

  Forum Editor 23:05 22 Jan 2005

to spend some time with FrontPage 2003. It's every bit as powerful and just as capable as DreamWeaver, but it has the advantage of a familiar MS Office-type interface, and many people find it a little easier to get along with - ay least in the beginning.

Bear in mind that you can import a DreamWeaver site into FrontPage, and vice-versa, so you can experiment to your heart's content.

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