Your advice for my site

  woody_2k3 22:06 23 Jun 2004

Hy there, I would really appreciate it if youz would help me in my career path! My first site I have built(modified many times) is this html> a href="click here">site /a> /html>
Please could you give me advice on it?

  woody_2k3 22:11 23 Jun 2004

Sorry didnt know links were added!

  phil 23:11 23 Jun 2004

Hmmm. Unsigned Active X controls.

Think I'll give it a miss.

  kev.Ifty 23:40 23 Jun 2004

for a poor beginner you are really very good arent you :[email protected]

  woody_2k3 08:30 24 Jun 2004

what are unsigne active x controllers? I dont get any notification of these!

  tomleady 09:52 24 Jun 2004

the quality of the logo is really poor. it needs changing!!

and what a nightmare of a fadein/out between home page and Hosting page. get rid of that. it takes ages and i cant stand it!!

  HyperDude 11:56 24 Jun 2004

Dont use redirects.

Dont use redirects such as .tk.

Its just your website in a frame, its not a domain and you arent fooling anybody.

Also if this is your first website I dont belive you when you siad you made it. Especialy with the BBC News Active X control in there.

I also dont belive you made all those flash/javascript games yourself.

You can at least credit the people you stole them from.

  woodbexhill 12:07 24 Jun 2004

Wouldn't even load this end, from the comments it doesn't sound like that's a bad thing.

  Forum Editor 13:22 24 Jun 2004

you must apply to them for permission. The BBC inspects the url you provide, to ensure that they're happy for their panel to appear on it. The official panel is red-bordered, and yours is in monochrome, which is puzzling. You have to enter into an agreement with the BBC when they consent to your use of their code, and part of it says you mustn't attempt to alter the appearance or size of the panel in any way.

I also think that the logo lets the site down - it looks rather amateurish.

Sites that are simply collations of links to other sites held together by the odd paragraph of text are always rather off-putting for me. Why don't you work on something original? You'll get far more satisfaction from it.

  woody_2k3 19:25 24 Jun 2004

I did get perimision from bbc actually, they give you a choice of colours for the panel So i Dont know what people mean when they say that it doenst apear to be my site when they gave me the html source for the bbc news panel. Also, I created the site In dreamweaver which may give people the impression that it isnt mine. And I asked the site from which I took the games from, For permission to add the games. Thanks though, for the advice!

  QuickHare 21:17 24 Jun 2004

I advise many people on what their site looks like, and this one isn't the worst I've seen, but does need improvement.

Firstly, I do think the space for the "Search available domains" is too big. The graphics do not fit with the simple style of the surrounding objects. It seems too complicated, and I don't like the iFrame (the small box to make it a page within a frame) and think it's too off-putting. Try to keep it together in a concise and flowing form rather than white space everywhere. I know you can overcrowd it, but you can 'undercrowd' it too.

Secondly (and running with the last idea), the domain name. Of course, having a uniform address is useful to rattle off (w w w dot eazy webs dot tee kay), but I prefer to see the full address of the page in the address/location bar. That way I know I'm not being redirected to some virus-ridden corner of cyberspace. I'm sure I'm not in your site, but I'd still prefer to know what I'm looking at.

Thirdly, I agree with Tomleady, saying the transition effects are slow and annoying. It took ages to load the second page, then the transition takes place. Don't use them as people will then know the next page is loading and the browser hasn't locked up. Also, they're not too compatible with other browsers, so you'll mostly be using Internet Explorer users.

Fourth, If you use an element (a box or object) from someone else, use their name. I found the games great, but I was taken away from your site to play them. The only object with full credit was the BBC News box.

Fifth, Too many pages opened in a new page. This is useful for external sites, so yours is not lost, but as your site seems to include many external sites, maybe opening more pages in the current browser window might be a good idea (in other words, remove the TARGET= setting/attribute).

Lastly, the logo does seem a bit on the fuzzy side. This does lower the tone a bit, and the reflection on the name doesn't suit. Maybe sharpen the image to make it clearer, knock off the reflection and centre it up a bit. And take away the background rounded square while you're at it.

I hope this doesn't make me too picky, but it's just my six-penny's worth.

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