You Tube upload frustrations...

  nick_j007 12:44 27 Nov 2009

Hi all. I have a 9 min video which I have made and despite numerous attempts it fails at the point of rendering once uploaded to YT. I have spent ages on this this week! I would say lol, but now I am dispondent!
I always use MP4 and this failed a few times, so I remade it as a DivX and this was showing as a .AVI in the end which I then attempted to upload...this also failed. The footage is in 1280x720 as my other uploaded videos are so I am stumped.

Please, any suggestions?

BTW, I use Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 12 to edit, but this has never given me any concerns to mention.

Thank you.


  gengiscant 14:51 27 Nov 2009

Is there anything here to help?
click here

  RobCharles1981 19:05 27 Nov 2009

Hi Nick I'm in the same boat as you.

I've been trying to upload some full HD Videos in Mpeg2 Format and when they have been to have gone though it says "Failed Upload Aborted"

I tried to upload a video today and it went though fine, keep trying.



  reply4reply 22:10 27 Nov 2009

the only fix i found is to use arcsoft media impression to upload to youtube hd content without fails, this is because in the last 2 weeks utube is developing 1080p...

  nick_j007 00:44 28 Nov 2009

Well I went off to a job with it uploading the mp4 again and this time it went through :)

Like you say, just keep trying...but I wasted too much time trying. I shall keep an eye on them ;)

Here's the end result anyway... click here

  birdface 08:49 28 Nov 2009

Absolutely no idea if this is any good but free for 24 hours.

click here

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