tugtac 20:11 04 Dec 2007

more often than not trying to play a you tube video or similar causes my computer to freeze when i click "play" or it will play part way through and then freeze but it sometimes plays the whole way through (but not often).
any one can tell me the most likely offending component?

  brundle 20:21 04 Dec 2007

It relies on FlashPlayer, new version just released. click here

Close all browser windows and run the uninstaller first. click here
(direct link to download)

  anthonystorey 20:58 04 Dec 2007

ive done what brundle suggest but to no avail videos only play a bit then freeze its the same with ie and firefox any more ideas would be great
thanks in advance

  brundle 21:00 04 Dec 2007

That's down to your ISP/connection status at the time, it was unusable for a few weeks on my machine too, 5 seconds of video then a long `buffering` delay. All video sites of that nature put a heavy load on your connection.

  anthonystorey 21:13 04 Dec 2007

ill wait a bit and see if it improves

  brundle 21:31 04 Dec 2007

Or grab the downloads direct; click here

Courtesy of another forum member, can't remember who

  Stuartli 23:51 04 Dec 2007

Try installing the K-Lite Standard Codecs Pack - you could be missing one or two audio or video codecs.


click here

I've recommended the Save2PC downloader, along with one or two other forum members.

I have a special YouTube folder as the target for the downloads and they are listed in alphabetical order automatically.

The videos are mainly of favourite music artistes, a large number of pop "classics" and various TV specials of some of these artistes.

If you are watching a video, especially music videos, might as well save bandwidth by having it on your system.

  Killo Bite 00:33 05 Dec 2007

have a look in the Control Panel, for a Icon that says Java, if yes then click on it to open and then click and check for updates within the tabs available.

Other common problem could be the quality of the Broadband connection, if your using extention cable from you main box and not connected directly into a wall Tel socket box then your brodband can drop up and down regular.

Also try cleaning out, run Disk clean up, check Windows updates also.

Who's your ISP and what equipment do you connect with ?

  Killo Bite 18:40 05 Dec 2007

Can you describe how your Telephone cable is from Router back to main Telephone socket ?

If your using a makeshift extentsion and have not got your DSL wire connected into a main socket or wall mounted socket I would suspect this being the problem.

Another way to test this would be to find your main telephone socket in the house and remove the Front Face Plate carefully. Inside their will/should be a internal recess socket where your can plug your router in direct bypassing all/any other ext sockets in the house.

Problem maybe is to get the computer down to near the main socket with the router to test this.

other idea, what virus software do you use ?

  hiwatt 18:44 05 Dec 2007


  anthonystorey 21:17 05 Dec 2007

as mentioned before i had the same problem
i have virgin media broadband (cable) and have a belkin router 7230-4 and updated the firmware click here

and all seems ok now, all youtube videos play fully now
hope this is the solution


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