Before you replace your crashed hard Disk.....

  James H 10:47 01 May 2003

I my hard disk had crashed

click here

but as you can see, with the help of local Novatech help line all is sorted without the need for replacement.

Hope this helps some of you to save some money


  Paranoid Android 13:17 01 May 2003

Just goes to show the importance of keeping a cool head in a crisis.


  DieSse 15:32 01 May 2003

Read your original thread - and of course, it shows your hard drive had not "crashed", but your BIOS settings had changed. This is possibly a symptom of a failing CMOS battery - so watch out for similar odd problems, such as the clock losing it's time.

  James H 15:35 01 May 2003

Maybe a daft question but how easy is it then to replace the CMos battery?


  DieSse 15:42 01 May 2003

On a modern system - very easy - It's a silver disk-shaped lithium cell - about 1.5cm diameter, and they just clip in and out.

But I did say "possibly" - so don't change it unless you do get other problems. In older systems it can be trickier ....

  James H 15:49 01 May 2003

Hi DieSse

I take that it is a universal type battery that can be purchased for all MOBOs or do you have to buy a different type battery for a different system.

Can you also buy it from most PC retailers or is it a specialised purchase - just that I havent noticed many CMOS batteries in Novatech etc.



  sil_ver 16:07 01 May 2003

If you look at the battery it will have a number on it which will identify the one you want. Yes they are readily available

  James H 16:12 01 May 2003

Where do I find the battery on the motherboard?

Sorry if I appear a bit thick!

  Sir Radfordin™ 16:24 01 May 2003

They are often in the opposite corner to the processor - at the bottom of the board.

Its a normal watch battery so you should be able to spot it. If you can't see if you have a mobo manual which should tell you.

  captain birdseye 16:50 01 May 2003

Mine was a standard CR2032......I got a Duracell 2032 from B & Q for £3.48. Most battery suppliers have them, I doubt if you will need a specialist computer shop.

  DieSse 22:12 01 May 2003

You can't miss it - it's a very noticeable silver disk - the only thing like it. And yes, all the ones I've ever seen are CR2032 - any clock/watch shop normally.

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