You pick the parts!

  Jimmyh 16:23 08 Mar 2006

I've been looking around for days now looking at all the different parts or make and manufacture, and cant really make up my mind, so....

I have £700, give or take £20, and here's what I need. Now go shop :)



  Methedrine 16:25 08 Mar 2006

How much RAM do you need? What kind of graphics card (AGP or PCI-E)? What size HDD (in GB's) would you prefer?

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  Jimmyh 16:29 08 Mar 2006

I just want to know what the best system is u can get for that price really.

I've looked through ebuyer, dabs etc.

Is a slower CPU and better/faster less ram better than a faster cpu and more cheaper slower ram.

  Jimmyh 16:31 08 Mar 2006

I have an ata 250gb, so a sata harddrive just to house the OS and installed games, programs etc

A fast gfx card to play games, either 1 or 2 gb of ram.

  surfsteruk 17:28 08 Mar 2006

OK, Ive configured a nice gaming system. And chose components that I would personally pick if I had the money. I did go over Budget a little bit but i'm sure you can tweak the list a little. Also, it doesnt come with a harddrive. Your 250GB ATA will do nicely. Everything is from ebuyer. I've put the quickfind codes for you.

AMD Venice 64 3500+ (088107)

ASUS AN8 SLi Deluxe (082818)

BFG 7800GT 256mb PCI Express (101024)

Corsair 2x512 Matched Pair DDR400 (052057)

19inch LG L1915SS Silver (099396)

Aspire x-dreamer silver case with 400W PSU (099445)

NEC silver DVD multiformat rewriter (097314)

Comes to £755.29 inc P&P

The motherboard will give you great future upgrade potential and the 7800GT will handle any game there is out there.

  Jimmyh 21:14 08 Mar 2006

Here's the system i was thinking of.

AMD Venice 64 3700+
Asustek A8N SLI
GF 6600GT 256MB
Hitachi Deskstar 80GB
Crucial 1GB PC3200 CL3.0 x2
BenQ 17" 8ms
DabsXtreme ASPIRE 550W

Which comes to about £724.08, my main thought is, could I go for a Venice 3200+, which is about £40 cheaper and then instead of 2x1gb maybe get some faster better ram, but only 1gb, maybe some CL2.0 stuff.

I'll be playing games mostly, and over at toms hardware the 3200+ isnt all that much slower than the 3700, in some games the 3700 is only a few fps faster.

  gudgulf 22:25 08 Mar 2006

Previous posting on same subject click here

Jimmyh.....Like it or not you are going to have to make a compromise somewhere along the line with your budget.

I would strongly suggest stiking with 1GB of RAM to start is easy to add more later.But don't skimp on the quality.....go for a decent make and low latency.

Buy a cpu that you believe is up to the might just get away with the 3200+ model but you will be needing to upgrade that sooner rather than later.

I also strongly suggest that you start off with the best single graphics card you can afford.......two 6600GTs in SLI format might well be as fast as a 6800 Ultra...they are not as fast as a 7800GT and cost more for a pair.Moreover when you want to upgrade you will have two cards to replace.

It's your call but for the games you mention in your original post I would personally be wanting to base my system around something significantly better than a (single) 6600GT

Have you considered a decent 19" CRT monitor?...That would save you a fair bit to and give you more to spend on other components.

  Jimmyh 22:55 08 Mar 2006

Thanks for the reply, yeh im going mad trying to figure out what's best to get, i dont want to get a slower/cheaper component and find out it's not very good at games.

You say buy quality ram, ive been looking at
Corsair TWINX1024 - 3200C2PRO XMS4000 2x512MB CL2 TwinX PRO
Corsair TWINX2048 2x1GB

the first being only 1gb and the 2nd being 2gb, but the 1gb is pro but only TWINX1024 and the 2gb is not pro but is TWINX2048 :s

I should just stick with getting an xbox360 maybe :(.

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