you opinions please

  Genome 14:59 23 Nov 2005

Hello all

new project i recently finished at work.

the site still will have changes made in the future (mainly the floor plans area) but if you could just let me know if its all working ok in your browsers that would be great.

any opinions welcome of course.

click here

all done in flash by the way

  PurplePenny 15:59 23 Nov 2005

Working just fine here: Firefox, Win XP

It looks really nice and you've done a really good job with it BUT... sorry to be so negative but "all done in flash" is a big turn off straight away for me. I really can't be bothered to wait whilst Flash sites do stuff. This is especially true at home where I have an old Win98SE machine which loads pages very slowly (despite being on a fast BB connection).

Flash also leads to all sorts of accessibility problems. For instance I found some of the text a tad small but it cannot be enlarged.

  Genome 16:13 23 Nov 2005

thanks for letting me know and thanks for your comments.

i know what you mean and made this decision simply based on the clients needs. they basically deal with very rich people who will most likely have fast connections.

im fairly experienced in flash and always learning of ways to keep file sizes down and its basically 1 meg you have to download which isnt to much in this day and age, concidering the client.

For a different audience i know exactly what you mean though.

the text size being fixed was a desision by me. i had 2 options. fix its resolution size so people at work with all the extra windows open more than likerly viewing on a lower resolution would still be able to read the site or.... let it scale acording to the window. now ive noticed allowing the sites to scale you end up with a lot of people with tiny little unreadable websites, and seeing as a lot of people arnt clued up on IE they just think its not working properly and hit there computer with a stick or something.

Glad it works on those browsers though. needed to find out about firefox so great news

  ade.h 19:25 23 Nov 2005


When I hover over Register, the pop-up banner flashes quickly before staying still. I don't know if this is an intentional effect, but it is very annoying and hard to look at. The signpost image on Location does the same.

Other than that, quite nice for a Flash site.

  ade.h 19:32 23 Nov 2005

Bear in mind two other points; if it wasn't for the fact that NoScript prevents Flashblock from working properly, I wouldn't see anything. I expect that, but a lot of people use Flashblock. Even more people don't have a Flash plugin at all, and hate the idea of having to download one. I created a Flash site recently for the first time, at the insistence of a friend of mine who really, really wants Flash; a conventional equivalent is just a click away on the index page for people who don't want to see Flash.

  javaBalls 20:31 25 Nov 2005

really nice looking site. I've got firefox.

When you say it was all done in "flash" do you mean scockwave. I've done a little bit of flash (flash introductions etc) but I never thought it could be used to such a good effect.

Any advice?

  waveneyweb 16:37 27 Nov 2005

I must be a very juvenile 44 year-old, as I LOVE sites produced with Flash.
In my opinion, this is a fine example of how Flash can be used in an elegant fashion.
Have a good week, Tina

  Forum Editor 18:56 27 Nov 2005

but I do have a fast connection, and still the site loaded too slowly for comfort.

Flash was incredibly fashionable a couple of years ago, but to be honest I find that my corporate clients are demanding fast, clean, html sites now, and I'm using less and less Flash in my site development. Admittedly Flash is great for games sites and the like, but ade.h is right about people not wanting to download a plugin.

Your design is excellent, but I'm in agreement with Penny - an all-Flash site is a real turn-off for me too. I also found much of the text fairly illegible, and that's an absolute negative on a commercial site.

I'm sorry to sound such a whinger, but I'm speaking from personal experience. Flash sites can look lovely in the right context, but a property sales site is not (in my opinion) in that bracket - very rich people notwithstanding.

  javaBalls 19:58 27 Nov 2005

I meant to say shockwave in my earlier post.

Which package did you use to create your site?

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