You last accessed the Registered Users Area ....

  astral traveller 09:00 01 Jan 2003
  astral traveller 09:00 01 Jan 2003

Hi, when logging in to this forum the above message welcomes me back and tells me that I last visited the registered users area at the exact same time as I have just logged in - not the last time I logged in - does this happen with anyone else and why?
Happy New Year!

  powerless 09:16 01 Jan 2003

The year is 2003 and there is the threat of War...

Just ignore it my freind ...

  astral traveller 09:28 01 Jan 2003

yeah, I have done for ages but was at a loose end with a hangover - everyone else still in bed (in this household anyway) - and there doesn't seem much activity here this morning so I just thought I'd ask. Interestingly (or not) I just left the forum and returned and I was correctly welcomed back with the right message and time - no login required - perhaps that is why, zzzzzzzzzzzz - I'm going for a walk around the garden - I may be gone for some time!

  Magik™ 09:34 01 Jan 2003

nothing like starting the day with a good laugh.

  graham 11:01 01 Jan 2003

I had noticed this as well and got the correct time this morning! Could it depend on turning off or stand-by?

  Magik™ 11:11 01 Jan 2003

could be all the rain we keep getting...

  Stuartli 11:17 01 Jan 2003

I raised this same point with the FE some months ago, pointing out that it would be far more valuable for me (and presumably others) to be informed of the previous occasion I had logged on.

I already know that I have just logged on...:-)

I visit my bank's website regularly (Halifax) and I am informed of the day and time of my previous visit, so I can easily check my statement from that point onwards.

However, the FE was unable to agree or see the value of knowing the previous occasion when I had logged on to the PCA forums....

  astral traveller 12:06 01 Jan 2003

.........and feeling better.
Aha, so it isn't just me! I agree with FE that there isn't a lot of point in telling you when you last accessed the forum, but there isn't much point - and it's confusing - to tell you that you previously accessed the forum now.
Anyhow, as Powerless suggested, there are more important things in the universe and I won't lose any sleep over this one - talking of sleep ....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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