'You Got Mail' alert message, How?

  tran1 11:45 27 Jan 2003

Sometimes in a movie, you see people being alerted of email with a 'You Got Mail' message that pops up on screen with and/or maybe in a friendly voice. eg 'You got mail' staring Tom Hanks and Meg ryan.

IS there any way for someone on windows to get this feature?

  tran1 11:46 27 Jan 2003

Or is it only a feature specific to Apple MAcs?

  JoeC 11:49 27 Jan 2003

You can download WAV's to take the place of your normail email sounds. click here

  jazzypop 11:50 27 Jan 2003

What email client do you use?

  Lozzy 11:50 27 Jan 2003

Try using google and searcg the web

  muddle 11:50 27 Jan 2003

In work we have lotus notes which does a pop up saying "New Mail" and makes a luverley "ta-da" noise, which really annoys anyone sitting nearby!

Don't know how it would work on e.g. Outlook or OE - cos in work we are always connected to the server, whereas at home I know I am not always connected to the internet - maybe Broadband users might know more?

  vinnyT 11:57 27 Jan 2003

I use eudora, but I think the same will apply to most email apps. Look under the options and you should find a box that allows you to specify how often mail is checked for (5 minutes or whatever) use this and leave running in the background, and when the prog checks, if/when you have mail, a box will pop up telling you.

Like I say most have this facility, you will just have to find the setup for yours.

I don't use this myself, it can get irritating, if you get loads of spam, with the app telling you every 5 minutes that you've got mail only to find rubbish. Hope this helps.

  Switcher 11:58 27 Jan 2003

You have to be connected to find out if you have new mail thus seems only practical for Broadband users.

You can use Tools - Options in OE to play a sound when there is new mail - also to determine how often you wish OE to check for mail.

You have to have OE running of course to do this.

With OE running in background you will then receive an audible and visual indication of new mail

  tran1 12:08 27 Jan 2003


I have both Outlook and Oulook Express6. On a Broadband connection. Currently i'm usng Express, but I don't mind switching to outlook if I need to.

  tran1 12:11 27 Jan 2003

What I'm really looking for is a splash screen Pop you with the 'You got mail' message/voice.

Ok,ok,ok, I'm demanding too much but I have seen it on various Movies and Programmes.

  MAJ 12:14 27 Jan 2003

You can't do it in OE, not sure about Outlook, though, but I don't think so. You can do it using Incredimail, as far as I know.

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