March Wind 17:44 21 Apr 2013

I have yontoo on a pc I have disabled it in IE and deleted it in Chrombe Done a c clean superanty spyware now I am doing a malware. What else swhould I do to get rid of it on the pC Win XP Desktop

  rdave13 17:58 21 Apr 2013

Add/Remove the first place to look. Might be under a different name so look for something you don't recognise.

Good follow-up here.

  spuds 18:08 21 Apr 2013
  March Wind 18:10 21 Apr 2013

Hi Thankyou for your reply. Yes it is in add remove My friend also told me to look there. Do you think it will all be gone when I remove it? My friend said to remove with Revo but the pc isn.t mine and I think it might have been me who put this trogen on as I have been without susess trying to install faststone capture PickaView and Revo

  March Wind 18:44 21 Apr 2013

Thank you I am close to the end of my malware scan then I will have to delete from add and remove. Do you think I should scan with malware compleat system again? As far as I know firefox is not installed so I am expecting all will be well soon What do you think

  rdave13 19:00 21 Apr 2013

You should remove from add/remove first then run your antimalware scans. Then remove the ad-ons,extentions and home page from your browsers.

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