Bazilbrush 22:34 12 Apr 2006

I have the above DLL in a program files folder called YOK.
It refuses to let me delete it.
Also I seem to have aquired another program called
VeryCD 3 1/4
with a bit of gobbledeegook after it as well.
VeryCD shows up in Add/Delete Programs but YOK doesn't. I have a feeling they are related to each other but when I check on the web, most of the mentions of these files seem to be by the same business's trading under different name and are all selling DLL delete programs.
This appeared after my computer had been away for a service at a local small business. They say they didn't put these files on.
I have tried to go into safe mode to delete them that way, but find myself unable.
It is the same when I try to break into the computer on bootup by pressing Delete.
HELP with both problems needed

  remind 22:35 12 Apr 2006

Try a scan with Ewido (click here)- uncheck any options during install, update and scan.

  skidzy 22:59 12 Apr 2006

Try this as well as Remind's Ewido...both very good.click here

Once you have run both,use this to tidy up redundant registry paths. click here

Just click on your nearest country,if in uk..click on france.

  Bazilbrush 00:00 13 Apr 2006

Sorry lads. Ewido did stop and study it then passed over it,
A squared didn't even pause.
Problem is still there.
What is it
How can I get into System setup and Safemode when Delete and F10 don't work?

  remind 00:03 13 Apr 2006

Is VeryCD in your Add/Remove list? click here

  remind 00:05 13 Apr 2006

Look at the folder VeryCD is installed in, if the dates of the files are within the time when your PC was away for repair I would be extremely suspicious.

  Bazilbrush 00:07 13 Apr 2006

I haven't put it there though and it doesn't show up in the program file listings.

  remind 00:08 13 Apr 2006

Clean up your add/remove list ; click here

  Bazilbrush 00:14 13 Apr 2006

Yes. It would seem that it was done during the 3 days my computer was away. The only thing I can find with verycd through the explorer search though is a cookie dated 4th March

  remind 00:18 13 Apr 2006

If your `repairer` installed it and then removed it, it may have come with supersearch, a lot of file-sharing programs have added ad-ware or spyware which doesn't uninstall cleanly. As long as nothing is running as soon as you boot your PC and sharing files you can delete the files and forget it, but don't use that repair business again.

  Bazilbrush 00:23 13 Apr 2006

uninstaller found verycd and deleted it from where-ever it was.
YOK deleted by hand afterwards.
Thanks again Remind and Skidzy as both software applications you recommended actually found adware that spybot had missed and each other missed.

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